10 Tips to Increase Your Organic Searches In 2019


If you have a look at the number of websites available for each product type, you would be simply shocked. This does happen when people search for something on the internet and several websites are shown on their screen. Users do not have the patience to even look at all the links on the first page of results. Thus, if your website is not among the first four or five links, there are rare chances that the users would make the effort of checking your link. Hence, to get traffic, your eventual goal should be to improve in terms of organic page ranking.

Various tips can be used in this relation. The top 10 tips which can be used to increase organic page ranking are listed below.

  1. A meta description can change the game

When you search for something on the internet, several links are displayed on your screen. At times, if you have an attractive Meta description along with the link, the visitor may instantly click the website link to check the information present. Having a good Meta description is important as with so many links available, there is every chance that the user may ignore yours.

  • There are certain strategies to draft a good Meta description. First of all, use attractive statements and keep the sentences short. Do not use lengthy sentences as this practice can turn off the user. To capture the attention of the visitor, make sure that crisp statements and catchy phrases have been used. Even if the visitor finds one sentence interesting, he would be encouraged to see what the website puts on offer.

2. Improvement In Domain Authority Through Quality Content

Reliable and effective quality content helps to improve domain authority. If you think that readers do not check the standard of content when going through a website, you need to change your perception. Readers today are very smart and invest proper time when they are going through a website. You have to make sure that the content you write is not copied from anywhere on the web.
At any point, if a serious visitor figures out that the content is not up to the mark, he would exit the page. It is hard to develop the interest in the mind of a visitor who has been disappointed. Hence, website owners should make sure that the best professionals are developing the content of their website. Some key helpful points are listed below.

  • Web content is not completing a certain word limit. People who visit your website would not be interested in seeing the length of the content. They would only be concerned about how useful the information is. The only way, you can make the web content useful is by carrying out a detailed research. Before you begin writing, make sure that you have enough information at hand.

3. Simple written text is not sufficient in any manner

You need to analyse the buying habits of people. Put yourself in their shoes. Consider that you are visiting a website that does not have any images, videos or info graphics. Would you be encouraged to read through bland text? The answer to this question is no. The most successful websites have numerous images and videos of what they sell. This actually helps them in getting the attention of the buyer.

  • To get more organic searches and better organic ranks, using visual modes is important. If you have a proper product line and you want customers to spend time on looking at them, adding videos and images is important. For instance, product images help a customer as he gets to know how a product looks like. It is obvious that you cannot buy a product if you are not well aware of its appearance. Even if the appearance is defined in written points, it would not make a strong impact. According to recent searching practices, users search for images according to their needs.
  • We can consider an example to develop a better understanding. Consider that you want to buy a set of crockery. How will you start looking at options? Most buyers would look for images of the latest crockery sets. Once you are satisfied with the appearance, you would look at the website selling it. On the other hand, if a website has a banner “the best crockery sets” but no images of the product, you would not count it as a trustworthy option.
  • If you have images on your website that are indexed on Google, it would be much easier to get more traffic and higher organic search ranks. The use of videos offers similar benefits as well. For instance, if you are looking for car accessories, you would want to know how they are installed. This would obviously require you to go through some videos.

4. Avoid the use of plagiarized information

Using content that has been developed from the start by someone else without complete rephrasing is counted as a sin. This is what a lot of websites do and as a result, they are not only ranked low but also penalized by search engines. Hence, it should be your goal to have original content on your website.

5. Proofread the Content

Checking the content for grammatical mistakes is absolutely essential. Readers these days are very conscious about the information on websites. If the content is deviating from the subject or has grammatical issues, you would lose traffic and a high organic rank within no time. Getting a high organic rank means publishing the finest content.

6. The Right Keywords with the Right density

Lack of proper keywords as well as keyword stuffing are both negative factors. The ideal web content has the correct keywords with the right density. To know about the keywords, you should be aware of the searching practices used by visitors. By using Google Keyword planner, you can determine the keywords being used by users.

7. Regularly Updated Content

Retaining traffic is a challenging task and it becomes easier of the content on your website is published regularly. A lot of website owners do not refresh their content for a long period of time. This obviously reduces the number of visitors. To get more organic traffic, the content on the website has to be updated from time to time.

8. Use analytics to keep a constant check

A lot of website owners do not keep a check on how the organic ranks. As a result, they come across a tension filled situation when their website disappears from the first page of results. Why does this happen? A business owner who is generating revenue online needs to keep a check on how visitors are reacting to his website. The moment you see that the bounce rate is increasing and people are spending less time on your website, count it as an alarming factor. This is when you need to check where you are going wrong and perform rectification procedures.

9. Quality useful information

There is no point in refreshing content from time to time until the information provided is useful. When people search for information online, they have a certain question in mind. They search for the answer of that question in the content. For instance, consider that a user is searching the internet for top car logos.

  • If your website sells the best car logos but enough information is not available on the internet, the user would not be interested. This is because he would have the opinion that you do not deal in quality car logos. Thus, you should aim at making the information on the website as useful as possible. For this purpose, check the searching practices of the user and list down some key phrases to use in the content. Consider the example mentioned above. If your website has the phrase “ best car logos”, the user would obviously be more interested in what you sell.

10. Headings and bold text

Imagine that you are reading a paragraph and one line is written in bold text, that particular line would immediately catch your attention. This is because the appearance of the text would be different that the remaining text. Hence, the best way to get keywords and important phrases noticed is writing them in bold text. As they would appear different from the left over content, the reader would immediately notice them. This is a smart strategy that helps in getting more organic traffic.


It takes a decent time frame for a website to get a high organic rank and nothing happens overnight. Along with that, there are certain constituents that decide whether a website would be ranked among the top positions or not.

  • For search engines, content quality is a highly important factor. Websites that have substandard content do not even make it to the first page.
  • Simply submitting content is not enough. Take your time when you are researching on the subject. Make sure that the content is presented with an exclusive angle so that the reader has something new to read. If your website is offering information that the reader already knows about, he would not count your website among preferred options.


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