Why Website Need A FAQ Plugin?


FAQs or frequently asked questions are an important part of all websites nowadays. The major reason behind this shift is the increased value of FAQs for search engines. Also, having a good and detailed FAQ page helps your target audience or customers get a better understanding of your product.

In the case of websites of open source solutions, running on WordPress, adding an FAQ page or multiple FAQ sections is very easy. There are plenty of free and premium plugins for this. So if your website running on wordpress is not yet showcasing any FAQ page, you should consider adding it right away. Thinking why? Let us tell you.

Reasons why your Website Need FAQ Plugin
If you are not convinced with our suggestion that your website needs a FAQ Plugin, we have listed out a few good reasons to back our suggestion. Read and understand why it is important:

  • A Good way of Rendering Information
    A neat and well-designed FAQ page is nothing less than a treasure for your audience. Be it the users of your product, developers, community members or any target groups, you can add FAQ sections and pages for all. FAQ plugins have made this task as easy as clapping.
    With a lot of well-structured information put in the public domain, your open source technology/product will gain good visibility too. As confusions regarding your products will decrease, users and collaborators will increase.
  • FAQs Solve Problems
    Let’s say, your product has a long documentation page which has all the information about it. This information is organized in such a way that if a reader goes through the complete page, he or she will be able to understand and use the product well.
    Now answer this question – What about those users know just want to know if your product is compatible with a certain tool or does a particular thing?
    If you have an FAQ plugin and have created a page with useful questions, such users can just visit that page and find out a question which answers their query. It saved time and effort for that user, alongside preventing the frustration which could have followed.
    Problem solved!
  • It’ll save you a lot of time.
    If people will have multiple queries about your product, they are left with two options.
    Option 1 – Go with another similar product.
    Option 2 – Ask queries.
    Now option 1 is obvious the worst-case scenario and should be avoided by providing proper information online.
    Option 2 will diminish your team’s productivity.
    Those confused potential users will reach out to you. Reverting and resolving their problems will surely consume your time.
    People generally have similar questions about the products and if you have a good and useful FAQ page in place, you can save this time. For WordPress website owners, it can be easily done through FAQ plugins.
  • Search Engine Perspective
    SEO is one of the major ways to reach your target audience. With leading search engines like Google Search giving special preference to FAQs, FAQ plugins can improve your search engine ranking.
    With your website having good FAQs which match users’ search queries, you will be featured in the top info snippet above all search results. Isn’t it a perfect reason to use FAQ Plugin and have an FAQ page on your website?
  • Plugins are an easy and Hassle-free Method of creating FAQ Pages.
    Creating custom pages is a costly affair. It takes a lot of time and effort, and therefore your developer will charge you good enough money for doing so.
    With a good WordPress FAQ Plugin, this task becomes easy and quick. Saving your money and developers’ effort, FAQ plugin allows you to handle FAQ page creation on your own.
    How to do it?
    It is simple. Just install the plugin, create questions, group them using categories, put shortcodes in your web pages and it’s done.
  • Built Responsive Pages in no time.
    With the increasing use of mobile and variable-size devices, it has become very important to create user-friendly and responsive pages. Achieving responsiveness isn’t easy if you are creating a page on your own, but most of the FAQ plugins automatically create responsive FAQs.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Most of the FAQ plugins are free or are available at a very low cost. So creating an FAQ page through these plugins is a feasible and profitable thing to do. If your website is still standing without a good ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page, you should add one without losing time.
  • What features should an FAQ Plugin have?
    Okay. You knew that it was a big fault to avoid adding frequently asked questions to your website. Next what? Choosing a good plugin maybe!
    So, here are a few features your plugin should have:
  • It should create responsive questions or sections or pages.
  • It should allow shortcodes.
  • Shouldn’t be a plugin without search capability (within a particular FAQ page)
  • Should render FAQs in a nice style, matching your website’s theme.
  • Sometimes you want to use the same set of questions on multiple pages. So, Questions or question categories, created using your plugin, should be reusable.
  • The questions should be collapsible. It allows you to add multiple questions in less space and keep the page neat.
  • Your plugin should allow custom CSS and give you design freedom. For example – you should be able to decide text’s color, style and other properties directly from plugin menus.

Keeping these points in mind, you will surely be able to find out the best and easy-to-use FAQ plugin for your WordPress website. It will help you reach out to a large audience for your open source project in the least costly and most effective way.

Open source projects are the in the forefront of technologies nowadays. Every business, professional or individual looks forward to collaborating in or using these products. Therefore, it is required to provide important information in a well-organized manner. With the help of FAQ plugins, this task is easily doable.



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