Tips to hire a web developer with skills in 2019


Web development is serious business. In the recent years it has had a great impetus and is one of the major priorities for every business irrespective of it size and industry. It is ingrained into our daily lives and we all look forward to web to carry out our daily work. Almost for everything, a web development helps you from banking to shopping to merely just be up top with the news.

With this it is not wrong to say that in last few years, web development services the most sought-after things for business. It is only a clever choice; we do see the scope of what web developers can actually do. From marketing to creating amazing solutions for business operations that range of sublimities of work is just endless. But before we get started with finding a website development company which can bring you all these benefits, it is better to know what exactly is that we are looking or what are the skills that a web developer must have. Let’s have a quick insight into the latest trends of web development services that are sure to reshape the technical paradigm in the year 2019.

The skills that you should be looking for!

Apart from AI, ML, AR /VR and of course IoT there is expected be a lot of things that are going to change the whole tech landscape. There are many emerging technologies that have still not caught the attention and thus can help you gain the early adopter benefits.

  1. Rails 5

Although released in the year 2016, until know the developers just didn’t knew what to do with this dynamic framework of Rails. In this coming year, we will see a lot of web development services being powered by Rail 5. Some of the important solutions that it renders is

  • Developing single page like applications right out of the rail stack, without any need for the client-side JavaScript frameworks by allowing to fetch full HTML pages.
  • For developing custom API development from the popular rails_api gem into it’s code base for native and java frameworks.
  • Developing notification and chat features, with the new and latest Action Cable and web sockets technology in Rails.
  1. Angular 2 and beyond

Angular to just like Rail 5 has matured and evolved a lot in last few years and is now ready to lavish all the new Google JavaScript frontend development framework benefits. In recent times the advantages of JavaScript ES6 features have given us advantages to write applications in Type Scripts and thus are making things more and more component driven.

Apart from that the technology is intended to surprise us all again with 3 more minor updates in the coming 6 months and thus, it can be said Angular is all set to define the web development services all to better with a regular release schedule.

  1. WordPress the ultimate CMS tools

WordPress has had a significantly surprising journey of all the technology platforms we have known. Starting downright as a blogging platform it is has definitely upped its anted with being one of the most efficient CMS solutions.

In a recent study it was found that about 32% of all the websites on the internet are using WordPress for their CMS, it is capable to handle CMS for enterprise websites to high-traffic magazine publications. In short, we ready to hire WordPress developer he sure is going to come handy in marketing solutions.

  1. Static website generators

Almost everyone in the tech domain can’t just get enough of this superlative technology. The static website generators help you form websites from the plain texts, stored in the files and not using the database. Thus, it helps you get more increased speed, security, ease of deployment and greater surge in website traffic. For an innovative website development company like us, it is one advent that will be taken lot seriously in 2019, speed, content, security about every essential paradigm of web development is encompassed in this solution, as more and more API’s and content delivery networks become the life of web.

  1. Web Design Revolution

Interactive interface and immersive UI development are going to hold as much important as the last year, we can expect a lot of interesting things happening in the design segment, something that you must discuss and involve in your web development services.

  • Movement based interface, like hand-gestures, are going to be a big thing in the year 2019.
  • A lot of storytelling visual elements videos for encouraging greater user engagement.
  1. Complete Knowledge of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain particularly gained a lot of impetus last year. With the kind of security and scalability it lavishes upon the development, seeing the use of Blockchain technology in web development is going to be interesting.

It is surely a next generation solutions and is sure to revolutionize the industry with the implementation of blockchain-based databases. Hence owing to the cryptographic algorithm coding style, we can expect developers to create solutions allowing them to build decentralized and distributed databases.

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge of Fintech Industry

For if you are startup it is very likely that you are known to the name of the industry, it is the technology that introduces the world of technology with finance. It is the industry that deals with the evolution and growth of the financial services. For example the industry aims at adopting innovative tech solutions to improve the services such as currency exchange, online payments and also the loaning services.

Introduction of powerful solutions such as mobile wallets, automated consultants and other online solutions are surely going to look up to web development services to develop customized and innovative solutions.


The technology domain is surely something that is going to evolve more in the years to come, and there is no looking back. Ditching the traditional solutions and seeking salvation in technology is something a sure shot. With a help of an innovative and expert web Development Company with knowledge to use technologies and trends is something you must look for while hiring a website development company. Thus, the above mentioned skill sets are something you can start with and define then with your needs.


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