Top Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools to Take Into Account


Think as if you are dining at a restaurant and you have a professional waiter by your side serving food right on the basis of your taste and personality traits. Everything is done, and you aren’t asked even a single question. Another example, if you wish to buy clothes. All you require doing is few swipes on your smartphone, and you will have a variety of clothes available in particular size, color, fabric- All this is possible because of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence technology. And the list is endless! The voice recognition systems use to search on Google by simply commanding. And trust me on this- it has just begun.

Self-driving cars, Apple’s Siri, Google’s OK Google, and Amazon’s Echo services are already in use. Featuring natural language processing system, the tech can effectively respond to the commands. It is a safe bet to say that AI is already unfolding many fonts in our day to day lives. You can now get directions to a location and look for a specific restaurant, all by just swiping your fingers on a screen!

New developments, such as OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, R, the cognitive cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things, has taken everyone by storm. We have reached another tipping point. Due to which massive amounts of talent and resources are dedicated to accelerating the growth of the technologies. The following post emphasizes on some of the best open source AI technologies to take into consideration that will definitely take you to the next level.

Check out these Open Source Artificial Intelligence Tools

1. Apache Mahout- Do you find maths challenging? I personally do. The open source machine learning tool is meant to simplify working on common math problems involving statistics and linear algebra. Designed by the Apache Software Foundation, it allows data scientists to carry out a critical and detailed analysis of Big Data. All the useful information can be extracted in no time, pinpointing the trends. It has a cross-platform operating system, and it gives users an environment with R-like syntax.

2. Open Neural Networks (OpenNN) – Written in C++ language, the open source library has been designed for deep learning and implementing neural networks. Being pretty easy to learn tech, this tool is mainly used in advanced Machine learning research. OpenNN also allows high-performance computing as it has a higher processing speed.

3. TensorFlow– The open source machine learning framework was released in 2015 to develop neural networks (and even other computational models) using flow graphs. Created by Google, TensorFlow is highly used by several companies named Dropbox, eBay, Intel, Twitter, and Uber. Also being available in Python, C++, Haskell, Java, Go, Rust and JavaScript, it turns out to be one of the most well-maintained and extensively used frameworks for machine learning.

4. Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit– Initially referred to as CNTK, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit seems to be a perfect AI solution that can take your machine learning projects to the next level. According to Microsoft, the open source framework has the potential to train deep learning algorithms to function as same as the human brain does. Highly components capable of handling data from Python, C++, or BrainScript, ability to provide efficient resource usage, ease of integration with Microsoft Azure are some of the crucial benefits offered by the tool.

5. H2O– Written in the R, Python and Java programming languages, the open source ML software tool is used to conduct predictive data analytics. Developers and AI researchers can even use the tool to analyze data sets in the cloud and Apache Hadoop file systems. It supports different operating systems — Linux, MacOS and Microsoft Windows. It may quite interest you to know that having two open source versions, this tool has found widespread application in predictive modeling, healthcare and fraud analysis.

Technology is revolutionizing at an immense rate. And whatever is being invented today can be reinvented in a much better and efficient version. Try making the most of such technology to explore the most noteworthy and extraordinary possibilities.


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