F5 Acquires NGINX to Accelerate Multi-Cloud Transformation


Current NGINX CEO Gus Robertson, along with the founders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov, will join F5 and continue to lead NGINX.

 F5 Networks, the company which provides cloud and security application services, has announced the acquisition of NGINX, an open source leader in application delivery, for $670 million.

F5 will enhance NGINX’s current offerings with F5 security solutions and will integrate F5 cloud-native innovations with NGINX’s software load balancing technology, accelerating F5’s time to market of application services for modern, containerized applications.

F5 will also leverage its global sales force, channel infrastructure, and partner ecosystem to scale NGINX selling opportunities to the enterprise, the company said in a statement.

“F5’s acquisition of NGINX strengthens our growth trajectory by accelerating our software and multi-cloud transformation,” said François Locoh-Donou, president and CEO of F5.

“By bringing F5’s world-class application security and rich application services portfolio for improving performance, availability, and management together with NGINX’s leading software application delivery and API management solutions, unparalleled credibility and brand recognition in the DevOps community, and massive open source user base, we bridge the divide between NetOps and DevOps with consistent application services across an enterprise’s multi-cloud environment,” he added.

To increase investment in NGINX open source project

F5 said NGINX’s thriving open source community was one of the most attractive elements of this combination. The company is committed to increasing investment in the NGINX open source project to empower NGINX’s widespread user communities.

It is hoping that combination with NGINX will accelerate its product integrations with leading open source projects and will enhance its strong technology partnerships with open source vendors.

Upon closing of the acquisition, F5 will maintain the NGINX brand. Current NGINX CEO Gus Robertson, along with the founders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov, will join F5 and continue to lead NGINX. F5 will maintain NGINX’s operations in San Francisco, California and other locations globally.

“NGINX and F5 share the same mission and vision. We both believe applications are at the heart of driving digital transformation. And we both believe that an end-to-end application infrastructure—one that spans from code to customer—is needed to deliver apps across a multi-cloud environment,” said Robertson in a statement.



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