TriggerMesh Releases Open Source Knative Event Sources for AWS Services


Cloud services users that have functions running in AWS can now trigger workloads within Knative.

TriggerMesh has released their latest open-source project, Knative Lambda Sources (KLASS) on Github. KLASS are event sources that can be used to execute a Knative function in a Kubernetes cluster.

This enables AWS events to be consumed within a multi-cloud or on-premise environment.

“Because TriggerMesh KLASS leverages events services on AWS to trigger functions within Knative/Kubernetes, cloud-native developers can create sophisticated cross-cloud applications using simple serverless functions in multiple clouds. This increases development flexibility and provides the best infrastructure for the job at hand while preventing serverless lock-in,” Mark Hinkle co-founder of TriggerMesh, wrote in a blog post.

The sources consist of Go event consumers for various AWS services. Most of them are packaged as Container Sources and make use of CloudEvents.

KLASS is the second open-source project from TriggerMesh aimed at making multicloud cloud-native applications possible. It had earlier released Knative Lambda Runtimes to make Lambda functions portable to Knative.

Portability is a top concern for serverless users

According to the data from The New Stack’s 2018 Serverless Survey, portability is the number one area that concerns serverless users.

“The migration from one infrastructure to another should be easy. In addition, we think that triggering functions across clouds is equally important,” Hinkle said.

TriggerMesh is also working on TriggerMesh Cloud which they claim is a complete serverless lifecycle management platform.

This platform will allow developers to do a lot of useful things like source control integration, menu driven web console, Kubernetes builds for versioning and cloud portability via triggers.


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