Microsoft Releases Version 2.0 of its PWA Builder Tool with New Design and Snippits


Microsoft started Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Builder as a community guided, open source project about two years ago to help move PWA adoption forward.

 Microsoft has launched version 2.0 of its Progressive Web App (PWA) Builder tool, which is designed to help developers turn web sites into apps easily and quickly.

Microsoft had released the 1.9 update just a few weeks ago, introducing some new concepts, such as providing a “report card” for PWA and bringing the Microsoft Graph to the list of snippits.

The company has further expanded these updates by announcing the new 2.0 release.

PWABuilder 2.0 includes an all new “much more user friendly” design, new snippits for integrating new web APIs such as the Web Share API and the async Clipboard API and many more, said Justin Willis, Program Manager at Microsoft, in a blog post.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Builder was started by Microsoft as a community guided, open source project about two years ago to help move PWA adoption forward.

Upcoming Updates

The PWA Builder team is currently working on the 2.1 update. In the next version, they plan to update the design in the manifest editor and service worker picker pages. Also, the 2.1 update will include a new way to package a PWA as a Trusted Web Activity to allow developers to ship their PWAs to the Google Play store.

As of now, PWABuilder is desktop focused and does not support mobile. The 2.0 update has some improvements in this area, but better support for mobile will come slowly, said Justin Willis.

The official added, “We also have other ideas that are on our roadmap including integrating Workbox into our Service Worker picker, new Snippits for the Feature Store, and potentially integration with Webhint to enable deeper testing of your PWA!”

The app is completely open source, and Microsoft invites contributions at its Github page.


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