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Why You Should Choose AngularJS for Application Development


AngularJS, which has been designed for building single page websites is, according to some, what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building Web apps. It is a very powerful JavaScript framework. As this article suggests, there are many compelling and cogent reasons for selecting it as a platform to build Web apps.

E-commerce is flourishing due to the numerous online opportunities. Many new startups have emerged as a result of e-commerce and are becoming active competitors to established businesses. Traditional marketing has taken a back seat, and all business units look towards the Internet as the core medium to promote their business. Every business has started employing developers to create and maintain their websites. The Internet space is filled with many websites and the count just keeps growing exponentially. The market for programming languages and Web development, too, is increasing every day.

AngularJS is a framework that has seen a pretty big surge in demand. It was launched in 2009 and since then has caused tremendous waves in the developer community.

AngularJS is an open source structural framework that can be used for Web applications. It is a front-end framework and is powered and maintained by Google. AngularJS is exceptionally useful for creating single page applications or SPAs. It uses both HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code and JavaScript during application development. It also uses a form of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

AngularJS almost revolutionises application development. Featured below are some of the highlights of AngularJS that demonstrate why it is better to opt for this framework.

Powered by Google

This structural framework is developed and maintained by Google. The very mention of Google gives an assurance to the user. Google is well known and extremely dependable. Using a framework offered by the most trusted name in the Internet space gives confidence to every developer. Other than AngularJS, there are many other development frameworks that operate on JavaScript. On the other hand, AngularJS developers are experts who are a part of Google.

Easy access to insights on AngularJS

Since its launch, AngularJS has become a popular framework in the online community. There are a huge number of devoted followers who are on a constant lookout for fixes and improvements. The number of online references for AngularJS is very vast. Developers can easily access many books and online guides that are scattered across the Internet. Many IT events like hackathons attract enthusiasts from all over the world. Dedicated conferences are held at such events to cater to developers that use this framework.


AngularJS integrates the architecture of the MVC and MVVM models for Web application development. The MVC model of architecture stands for model view controller, while MVVM stands for model-view-view model. In the case of the MVC, the application is split into three parts—one for maintaining the data (model), the second for viewing the data (view) and the third as a bridge to retain the connection between the model and the view. As mentioned earlier, the MVVM architectural pattern is split into model, view, and view model. Additionally, many tutorials are also available to familiarise Angular users with each of these designs.

HTML usage

Angular also extensively uses HTML for defining the user interface for the Web applications. This makes Angular very easy to use and a common topic of discussion among developers. Many online communities discuss HTML coding to enhance the application. Many developers come out with innovative ideas with the intention of improving the user experience.

Excellent performance

Angular is known to provide an excellent performance. It is robust and easy to use. Maintenance of the application is also easy. It is highly amenable to experimentation and is a good platform to come up with new and innovative features. Angular also supports enhancements like data binding, animation and filters, API clients, routing, content sanitisation, validation of forms, and scope management. All of these make Web development an effortless exercise.

Application testing

Angular is highly rated among developers for its applications testing platform. AngularJS has been developed intelligently. The development of this framework has ensured that the testing process is efficient. Every aspect and each step of the testing process has been taken care of when developing AngularJS. Angular also comes with a set for the unit test runner. This gives the developer a precise idea of how the application will behave when it goes live.

Angular has a two-way data binding system. If the developer makes any changes in the user interface, then objects in the application interface also change. Any changes in the application module and user actions are automatically detected, and the necessary changes are made.

There is no doubt that AngularJS is one of the most highly rated frameworks in the world of Web application development. It is the perfect platform to develop single page applications. There are a host of additional features that make Angular well suited for developers worldwide. It is an all-inclusive and complete solution for front-end development. It does not need the support of additional plugins for building a data-driven Web app. All these factors together have made AngularJS one of the dominant JavaScript frameworks for professional developers and amateurs alike. Plenty of AngularJS scripts can be found from online sources. This makes it easier for developers to look for insights and innovative solutions when faced with any glitches. This framework simplifies navigation and presents all the data in an easy manner, improving the developer’s experience as well.



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