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Apache Software Foundation Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Declares It’s Now Worth $20 Billion

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  • The foundation now has over 332 active projects, 7,000+ code committers and 10 platinum sponsors.
  • The top five most active/visited Apache projects are: Hadoop, Kafka, Lucene, POI and ZooKeeper.

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has published its annual report for fiscal 2019, highlighting its successes in its 20th anniversary year.

As per the report, the foundation now provides $20 billion worth of software at 100 percent no cost, and its net profit for FY19 stands at $331,005.

The evaluation was made using the COMOMO II model which takes into account a range of metrics, size, complexity, reliability, etc. and estimates the cost of creating the software.

In FY2019, the ASF increased the number of members to 766 and committers to more than 7,000.

At the end of FY19, the foundation had 202 top level projects with another 54 in incubation.

“This points to a steady, consistent pattern of growth, and a slight gain on last year’s growth rate, but not unsustainable,” said Sam Ruby, President,

According to Craig Russell, Chairman of the ASF: “The ASF saw significant growth outside the United States, particularly in China where several communities have become part of the Apache family and many software development conferences have been actively supported by Apache.”

The Top Fives

Hadoop, Kafka, Lucene, POI and ZooKeeper are top five most active/visited Apache projects. The top five Apache repositories by number of commits are Camel, Hadoop, HBase, Beam and Flink.

And the top five Apache repositories by lines of code include: NetBeans, OpenOffice, Flex (combined), Mynewt (combined) and Trafodion.

Here are some other highlights of the FY2019 report

  • The ASF has the guardianship of 190+ million lines of code across all of the Apache repositories.
  • There are over 332 active ASF projects, with more than 7,000 code committers. Of them, 3,280 committers changed 71,186,324 lines of code over 222,684 commits in 2019, driving 35 million page views per week across apache.org.
  • The ASF names 10 “platinum” sponsors: AWS, Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, LeaseWeb, Microsoft, the Pineapple Fund, Tencent Cloud and Verizon Media
  • Currently, 47 projects are undergoing development in the Apache Incubator; 6 were retired.
  • In FY2019, 770 Individual Contributor License Agreements (ICLAs) were signed.

The Apache Software Foundation ASF, grew out of the Apache HTTP Server project in 1999 with the aim of furthering open source software. It develops, incubates and shepherds more than 300 freely available, enterprise-grade projects that serve as the backbone for some of the most visible and widely used applications.

Apache projects are used in many aspects of Web and computing infrastructure, from back end Web servers to Big Data processing, Artificial Intelligence, machine automation and developer tools.



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