5 things to keep in mind when you choose you an AI/ML course this lockdown


Online courses have been on the rise in the last couple of years. With the world on lockdown right now, everyone has a lot more time on hand to enroll for such courses. Additionally, with the appraisal season underway, now is also a great time to upskill yourself. It’s a great opportunity to make yourself industry relevant once the lockdown is lifted (or at least begin the journey to becoming industry relevant).

If you’re looking to upskill in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, here’s what you need to keep in mind while choosing a course:

1. Don’t go for the shortest one
A lot of companies state that you can learn and upskill your self in less than 30 days. Look for courses that are more comprehensive and not necessarily cater to your current line of work, but provide you an opportunity to learn more. At the end of these comprehensive courses, you will come out more confident about working in the AI/ML field and you will also have greater opportunities for growth in your career

2. Get a mentor
Most courses simply offer pre-recorded content and assignments that you need to go-through. Keeping yourself motivated through the entire course can be a challenge. A mentor, an industry expert in AI or ML, can guide you on a weekly basis and clarify all your doubts in real time. (Amid the lockdown, this kind of social interaction can be a saving grace). It also means you could have a mentor for life, and the mentorship need not end with the end of the completion of the course.

3. Understand the prospects of career and job growth
Every course you do is a value addition. However, it is important to understand how much value it is going to add to your career growth. Investing time and money should also result in something more tangible, like better job prospects. Some courses like Springboard’s AI/ML course, provide job guarantee upon completion of the course. You know for sure that the course will aid in your career progression.

4. Cost. It is important
Nothing good comes cheap, nor do the good courses. However, it is important to identify those courses that benefit us in the long run, and therefore making an investment now will result in greater things in the future. Think about it and invest in the career that you want.

5. Last, but not the least, understand the course material
If you’re going to be investing in your future, you should know for sure, you’re investing in the right content. Take the time to know if the course will be beneficial for you, and if it covers everything you were looking for.

Good Content + Great Mentor + Viable Cost = Great Course.
Always try to look for a course with a great mentor. No course material can teach you real life experiences, give you feedback, and give you the necessary attention you seek. Content and cost duly follow. This lockdown, take the time to choose your AI/ML course in a smart way.


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