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TYPO3 CMS: Everything You Need to Know


TYPO3! Have you heard of it? Ah no? It is the most amazing Open-source CMS and is a free tool for creating websites that put you in control of the design, features, and content without requiring coding knowledge.

Let me introduce you to one of the best CMS options in the industry of website building software, TYPO3 Open Source CMS, Check typo3(dot)org.

Did you know?

TYPO3 CMS Backend is also available in our national Hindi language. Also, You can explore official TYPO3 website in Hindi language too at typo3(dot)in.

Because, there are many good reasons why TYPO3 is a better CMS. Let’s check them out!

What is TYPO3 OpenSource CMS?

TYPO3 is an open-source content management system (CMS) and is a free tool for creating websites that put you in control of the design, features, and content without requiring coding knowledge. 

Initially, it was focused only on editing websites, but now the system is able to control the Web, content, functionality, and design. TYPO3 is easy to use and a very effective tool for small sites as well as multilingual sites of large corporations.

I’m sure you would be aware of what is an open-source CMS? Well if not, a CMS is a software platform that lets you easily manage and run your website. 

TYPO3 is an open system. It means that it is for free without any license fees. It is used by newbies as well as professionals who can contribute to the future development of TYPO3.

Good to know the TYPO3 History

Do you know the story behind how TYPO3 was introduced? TYPO3 was developed from scratch by Kasper Skårhøj, a Danish developer, in 1997, when no one was even aware of the word CMS. The idea behind to develop TYPO3 CMS because websites became more and more complex to develop and there was a need to have a system that separated design and content was a smart solution to it.

Initially, Kasper developed prototypes and improved them to achieve the final concept. Initially, TYPO3 was under commercial development by a web agency with strategic goals. But in 1999, Kasper left commercial development with TYPO3 development rights on realizing that he was more passionate about sharing & setting his own agenda than pursuing commercial routes; so Kasper goes solo to build the great TYPO3 CMS.

With years of hard work and dedication, TYPO3 passed the “quality test”, gathering a steadily growing community. New ideas and new features boosted up the development.

And finally, in 2001, TYPO3 was a major PHP-based CMS and it became open source CMS. 

Quick Look at TYPO3 CMS Backend

TYPO3 CMS is constantly upgrading itself and always releases new versions with new features and enhancements. Till date, TYPO3 has released 6 major versions, TYPO3 version 3.x, to 9.x and now TYPO3 version 10 is going to be released!

Have a glimpse of TYPO3 CMS backend and explore how easy it is to manage your website without any coding knowledge!

TYPO3 Dashboard
TYPO3 Backend: Easy to manage Pages and Content with Drag-n-Drop

Facts & Figures of TYPO3

You might have not heard much about the great TYPO3 CMS, but the numbers speak for themselves for how greatly people adore and admire TYPO3! Check out the statistics

    • 11,264,138+ downloads
    • 500,000+ websites using TYPO3 system
    • 79,000+ developers are involved in the formation TYPO3
    • 1,790+ extensions
    • 51 language localizations
    • 1,647+ consultants worldwide
    • 9,998+ features in the TYPO3 package

Brands that Trust in TYPO3 CMS

Know the global brands that use TYPO3 CMS.

Advantages of TYPO3 CMS

  • Safety: Verified CMS that is always up-to-date
  • Flexibility: CMS that is always open for new functions and opportunities
  • Strength: TYPO3 can handle numerous articles, videos, and other content
  • Stability: The robust and strengthful CMS with the ability to adapt with any kind of website
  • Opensource: TYPO3 is Open Source, free and open for all to contribute, take advantage, learn and develop.
  • Availability of Modules: Has a room for all blogs, e-Commerce, AJAX, SEO optimization, statistics, discussions, chat, newsletters, registrations, photo galleries, video presentations, and whatnot!
  • Connectivity: Holds possibility to integrate with all sorts of platforms – ERP systems or modules, reservation systems, analytical software, accounting, etc


Motives of TYPO3

Inspiring People To Share!

TYPO3 was and will always be an Open source CMS and would be available for free.

Technical Advantages of TYPO3

  • Based on Open source units, PHP and MySQL
  • Separation of content and layout
  • Numerous Free TYPO3 Extensions to extend website’s functionality
  • Simple site structure that categorizes the website into pages and folders
  • Drag-n-drop Pages and Content
  • Built SEO friendly
  • WYSIWYG editing (Rich Text Editor)
  • In-built image editing tools for resizing, cropping, and more
  • AJAX drag & drop editing
  • Built-in search tools
  • Easy Frontend editing
  • Separate permissions of every user or user group
  • Can be easily connected and compatible with 3rd Party software
  • And Lots more!

TYPO3 Future Roadmap

TYPO3 is well-known to create a roadmap and strictly follow the deadline to continuously release next TYPO3 versions with new exciting features with improvements and enhancement for the old features.

How to get started with TYPO3?

Getting started with TYPO3 is free and very easy. Let’s check out some hardware and software prerequisites we would need to start.

System Server Requirements

Operating system: Mac, Windows, or Linux
Web server: Apache, NGINX, IIS
Middleware: PHP>=7.2<=7.4
Database: MySQL and other supported databases by TYPO3 (Oracle, Postgres, etc.)
Hardware: at least 256 MB Ram


Download and Install TYPO3

You can download your desired TYPO3 version for free from TYPO3’s Official website – get(dot)typo3(dot)org/#download

Free TYPO3 Extensions and Templates

TYPO3 is truly extendable. Even extensions can be extended. You can explore and download unique TYPO3 extensions from the official TYPO3 Extension Repository and boost up your TYPO3 website by adding new functionalities. Extensions are free to download and use.

Meet Lovely TYPO3 Community

If you use TYPO3, an open-source solution, you reap the benefits of a huge community of enthusiastic developers, all working to provide you support and help to improve & contribute to the product you use.

IMHO, The TYPO3 community has lovely, supportive, and friendly people as compared to other OpenSource projects.

Thousands of developers create new templates and extensions and provide input to make the platform work better. And a plus fact, all these extra benefits along with constant help and support you avail are mostly free of cost.

T3Terminal – Your First-Ever TYPO3 Marketplace

T3Terminal is a platform where TYPO3 vendors and buyers can build better TYPO3 eco-system. Here are some of the services and products.

  • Freemium & Premium TYPO3 Templates
  • TYPO3 Extensions & Plugins
  • TYPO3 SaaS – Build Your TYPO3 Website In Minutes

Explore now T3Terminal(dot)com

Wrapping it up!

TYPO3 is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world.

As I’m sure you’ve now become with TYPO3 Open Source CMS. It doesn’t matter whether you’re building your first website without any experience, you should be using TYPO3 for your website. TYPO3 also holds a bright future for you as a developer.

There really isn’t any other content management system I would recommend as highly as TYPO3. What do you think of TYPO3? Please share your thoughts on it in the comment box below.



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