Open Source API Management Platform Gravitee Raises $11M


Open source API (application programming interface) management platform Gravitee has raised $11 million in Series A funding round co-led by AlbionVC and Oxx. This marks the first venture capital investment in the company’s seven year history.

API is signification for global businesses in connecting complex webs for softwares. It supports modern software development bringing digital transformation from on-premises software to cloud based applications. The investments will enable Gravitee to continue growing its team across development, sales and marketing, to enhance support for its community of development teams, accelerate delivery of the team’s expanded vision for API control and expand further into international markets.

The open source platform equips organisations to control the full lifecycle of their entire API ecosystem in hours, not months. Developers can rapidly gain control and structured visibility over their entire network. This ranges from developing APIs to securing them with integrated IAM (Identity & Access Management), publishing them, monitoring performance and alerting to issues. is said to be the only API management platform of its generation that fully integrates its own IAM system, supporting the latest protocols and 2FA, including biometrics. This feature alone saves customers weeks of security integration time and thousands in support contract costs.

Rory Blundell, CEO of, said, “Businesses that can make full use of their data are more successful. So effective API management is becoming a core competence. The challenge for IT teams is to connect the existing data silos, plus emerging streamed data sources, and enable these to be shared in a consistent way, secured in line with best practices and easily governed. offers open source functionality to make that process effortless for developers and system architects.”




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