Facebooks Adds Another Feature to Open Source Data Transfer Project


Facebook announced today that it has added two new destinations to move data from social network. In its blog post, the company said that the users will be able to move their images to Photobucket and Google Calendar, along with one more new data type – Facebook Events. This is yet another feature added on to the open source Data Transfer Project, developed by Google, Facebook and Microsoft to support innovation in data portability. 

Hadi Michel, product manager said that the TYI (transfer your information) tool has been “completely rebuilt” to be “simpler and more intuitive,” giving people more clarity on what they can share to which platforms. This is said to provide people with choice and control over their data. In addition, users can now precisely select and start multiple transfers for one destination. 

Facebook says that it calls on government to “make clearer rules about who is responsible for protecting that data as it is transferred to different services.”


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