ServiceNow Acquires Swarm64 to Secure Open Source Space


ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire Berlin based Swarm64, a database company to gain bigger foothold in the open source space. The acquisition is expected to complete in Q3 2021.

“The acquisition of Swarm64 signifies ServiceNow’s latest investment in open source. Swarm64’s open-source-based database technology works extremely well for large-scale datasets, ultimately helping customers obtain the enterprise-wide insights needed to handle high volumes of data transactions and run sophisticated analytics in real time,” writes Joe Davis, senior vice president of platform engineering, ServiceNow in a blog post.

ServiceNow has doubled the features and functionalities of the Now Platform to manage larger, more complex workflows for the new world of hybrid work.  The acquisition is said to help customers more effectively manage data across many different use cases to execute complex, high-speed data analytics at a mass scale.

Swarm64 has three core products including the Swarm64 Database Accelerator, PG Nitrous, a PostgreSQL cloud database, and PostgreSQL performance engineering support. Pricing varies from free to monthly fees and by core per month. ServiceNow has acquired a series of companies in 2021.


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