VNC Integrates OwnCloud into VNC Lagoon


VNC, continues to integrate the file sync and share service ownCloud into the VNClagoon communication and collaboration stack. After ownCloud has already been integrated into the email app VNCmail, it can now also be used from the video conferencing system VNCtalk. All files stored in ownCloud from the application are directly visible in VNCtalk. In addition, access to and through ownCloud-native functions is possible, such as sharing, synchronization, favorites, file or folder management. In addition to the integration into other function modules such as VNCcommander or VNCgroupware, ownCloud will soon be available as an independent module in VNClagoon and can then be accessed both via the various modules already designed for this purpose and directly from the central control interface.

Integration into central services

The most important step in this direction has already been taken with the integration into the central directory service VNCdirectory: The definition of user rights for ownCloud access can now be done by the administrators directly in VNCdirectory and then applies to all VNClagoon modules. Among other things, VNCdirectory handles the administration of all VNClagoon user accounts, the control and exchange of permissions, and the registration and login procedures. This enables 2-factor authentication, single sign-on, single log-out and the synchronisation of clients and passwords.

Flexibility creates security

ownCloud can be used flexibly in different deployment modes. Companies and users always have the freedom to choose between on-premises, private cloud or as-a-service via a partner or service provider of their choice. This makes it far easier to meet internal and external security and compliance requirements than with security-critical public cloud offerings, the use of which is already prohibited in many companies.

“Users can now quickly and easily use ownCloud in VNClagoon,” explains Andrea Wörrlein, managing director of VNC in Berlin and member of the board of VNC AG in Zug. “This provides them with a secure file sharing platform directly in their familiar communication and collaboration environment.”


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