New Upgrades Available for Security Profiles Operator v0.4.0


The Security Profiles Operator (SPO) is an out-of-tree Kubernetes enhancement to make the management of seccomp, SELinux and AppArmor profiles easier and more convenient. Kubernetes announced to have released v0.4.0 of the operator, which contains a new features, fixes and usability improvements.

The new upgrade will now allow to record seccomp and SELinux profiles using the operators log enricher. This allows us to reduce the dependencies required for profile recording to have auditd or syslog (as fallback) running on the nodes. All profile recordings in the operator work in the same way by using the ProfileRecording CRD as well as their corresponding label selectors. The log enricher itself can be also used to gather meaningful insights about seccomp and SELinux messages of a node.

seccomp related improvements
Beside the log enricher based recording we now offer an alternative to record seccomp profiles by utilising ebpf. This optional feature can be enabled by setting enableBpfRecorder to true. This results in running a dedicated container, which ships a custom bpf module on every node to collect the syscalls for containers. It even supports older Kernel versions which do not expose the BPF Type Format (BTF) per default as well as the amd64 and arm64 architectures.

SELinux enhancements
Managing SELinux policies (an equivalent to using semodule that you would normally call on a single server) is not done by SPO itself, but by another container called selinuxd to provide better isolation. This release switched to using selinuxd containers from a personal repository to images located under our team’s repository.

This release also adds support for recording of SELinux profiles. Along with many other improvements, it also introduces the initial support for AppArmor, allowing users to load and unload AppArmor profiles into cluster nodes by using the new AppArmorProfile CRD.





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