ReserveBlock Foundation Releases NFT Centric Blockchain Platform


ReserveBlock Foundation is an open-source platform allowing for the creation of a decentralised NFT Centric Blockchain, which is independently governed and democratises NFTs for everyone.

Upon release, the network will enable a scalable utility driven protocol with on-chain functions for decentralised storage, programmable smart contracts, on-chain royalty enforcement, and evolving NFT features that provide for open market utilisation by anyone without the need for centralised authorities or marketplaces at near zero transaction fees. The network will be governed by a Masternode infrastructure enabling complete carbon neutrality without compromising functionality and utility.

The network is said to provide creators with native wallets with optionality through the minting process, complete with unique evolutionary features that allow NFTs to evolve well beyond their current state and programmable smart contracts for anyone with, or without, knowledge of code. These features also enable NFTs to transgress and scale beyond existing use-cases and expand into further engaging & dynamic opportunities by expanding on unique experiential functionality, fractionalisation, crowdfunding, collecting and engagement features.

Additionally, the network, irrespective of code acumen, the ability to become their own marketplaces with DEX-like tools allowing for sharing, trading and transferring through any social or web-based platform within any community. The network’s protocol further provides a scalable option for existing marketplaces, metaverses, brands and developers through the public API.

The network’s creation and development has been in creation for over a year and is the culmination of a collective of founding sponsors, each with vast expertise in media, entertainment, technology, sports, hospitality, banking and finance. The ReserveBlock Foundation said it will release its whitepaper and Masternode information in the coming weeks.



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