Prancer Unveils Cloud Security Automation as Code

cloud security

Prancer Enterprise announces the release of its Cloud Security Automation as Code (Susa) framework to the general public. This Open Source framework helps organisations to deploy secure Infrastructure as Code (IaC) templates to the cloud. Based on Prancer’s security platform, the Cloud Security Automation as Code (Susa) offering is a cloud provisioning engine with built-in static code analysis (SCA) for infrastructure as code (IaC).

Susa framework is used to check security requirements during provisioning cloud infrastructure.The resources may be deployed to the cloud using the Susa as Code engine. The Susa engine can deploy the resources to the cloud. IaC code can be tested upon the built-in or user-defined security policy containing security checklists, security templates, and security procedures.

This secure cloud provisioning engine is an open source solution for automated Cloud Template provisioning and deployments. Susa provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) based on bash scripting technology, enabling users to automate repetitive tasks in DevOps scenarios.

Susa framework helps organisations to provide consistency across multiple clouds, projects, and environments deployed via IaC tools such as HashiCorp Terraform.

The Prancer Cloud Security Automation as Code (Susa) service is a multi-cloud cloud provisioning engine. Susa can supply resources to Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform in a secure manner. Susa’s multi-cloud capacity provides it unique capabilities for implementing DevSecOps guardrails across multi-cloud plans.

The open-source framework is based on the practices obtained from various engagements with top cloud companies using cloud enterprise features. The engine is architected around the concepts of cloud provisioning, security scans, and auditing capabilities. Susa allows DevOps engineers to audit their IaC code for potential security hardening before starting the provisioning process.



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