Cellebrite Secures A Major Contract For Open Source Intelligence Solutions


Cellebrite (Nasdaq: CLBT), a provider of Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors, today announced that it has won a significant Open Source Intelligence (“OSINT”) customer contract following the Company’s acquisition of Digital Clues in November 2021. The new customer contract is a multi-year contract with initial value of US$1.5 million for the first year and is the most noteworthy SaaS deal for Cellebrite to date.

Cellebrite’s OSINT solution, part of the Company’s industry leading investigative DI Platform, is aimed at supporting the early stages of law enforcement investigations, irrespective of whether the investigative teams have a lead or not, by quickly enabling them to collect and connect large amounts of fragmented digital evidence from many dynamic sources, including the surface web, deep web, and dark web.

The adoption of the OSINT solution is being driven by its use by law enforcement agencies as they increase their efforts to stop crimes against children, drug and human trafficking, organized crime, and terrorism. The new customer selected Cellebrite’s OSINT solutions to replace its existing system because of the OSINT solutions’ unmatched capabilities, ability to adapt quickly to rapidly changing open source repositories, and ease of use.

“We are pleased with the early success reflected by this significant, multi-year contract that demonstrates our ability to provide end-to-end investigative workflow solutions to law enforcement which help to make our communities safer,” said Alon Klomek, Cellebrite’s Chief Business Officer. “With our scalable and innovative cloud offerings, Cellebrite is able to partner with law enforcement agencies to address their growing demand for solutions that kickstart their investigation efforts by legally and ethically collecting open-source data in criminal investigations.”


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