OpenEduCat’s Open Source Educational Management System Creates Sensation In Industry


OpenEduCat Inc. is an open source, cloud-based educational management system for universities, colleges, and institutions that is available both online and on-premise. It provides education ERP software to help organizations run their operations efficiently.

OpenEduCat, Inc. has assisted various organizations in effectively managing their day-to-day operations by offering end-to-end services for implementation, planning, strategy execution, and training. OpenEduCat has set an industry standard with 300 modules, 300k installations, 2 million users, 45 localizations, and 65 languages.

OpenEduCat provides end-to-end services, backed by business professionals, marketing ninjas, technical gurus, project managers, and subject specialists. OpenEduCat has tailored solutions to handle operations easily and efficiently, with features such as core module, essential module, advance module, LMS module, management module, communication module, ERP module, and technical module. Small businesses and educational institutions can use built-in Live Classrooms or third-party platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Big Blue Button to organize live classrooms. The ERP Software provides everything from information administration to course creation, financial management, attendance processing, LMS, and faculty management.

The founders of OpenEduCat, Parthiv Patel, and Neha Patel think that technology is a critical tool for dealing with everyday issues. After years of working with thousands of enterprises, the founders discovered a great need for a comprehensive solution in educational institutions. The team decided to design a product that is simple to use and comprehensive for educational institutions, based on their business domain and process understanding.

Parthiv Patel, a Digital Transformation Expert with over 12 years of experience in a medium to big enterprises, has worked on over 500 digital transformation projects for customers such as Rotary, Katoen Natie, and National Power Academy. He presented senior management with a variety of solutions for increasing ROI and improving business operations. By revamping core procedures and support workflows, he increased sales efficiency by a huge margin.

Neha Patel is an accomplished product developer with 6 years of expertise in product design, development, and user-centric design to create user-friendly business solutions. Her demonstrated ability to create intuitive user interfaces that assist users to achieve business goals has aided multiple clients in expanding their enterprises.


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