Top 5 Open Source Firewalls


Firewalls protect your system from malicious attacks and promote privacy. This article lists the best Open Source firewalls you can choose from for your organisation.

A firewall is network security software that screens approaching and outgoing network traffic, and allows or obstructs data packets depending on a set of safety rules. It makes sure that an obstruction is built between the internal network and incoming traffic from outside sources (like the Web) to hinder malicious traffic like viruses and hackers.

There are three fundamental types of firewalls used by organisations to protect their data and devices, in order to keep destructive elements out of the network. These are: packet filters, stateful inspection firewalls, and proxy server firewalls. Firewalls examine incoming traffic as per pre-set rules, and channel traffic coming from unsecure or dubious sources to forestall attacks. They watch traffic at a computer’s entry point, called ports, which is the place where data is exchanged with external devices. For instance, source address is permitted to reach the destination over port 24.

Why do we need a firewall?

A firewall is a safeguard intended to shield your device from data based malware risks. A device can be anything ranging from a PC or telephone, to a tablet, TV, etc. Cyber criminals can easily probe every computer connected to the Internet and attempt to penetrate its systems. If the firewall is absent, they can easily gain access to important files, and remove or use them maliciously. The potential implications of this can be disastrous, often leading to considerable financial loss, damage of reputation, and fines from authorities.

Organisations today depend a lot on remote employees, permitting them to work away from the office area. However, once an employee is outside the purview of the organisation’s Internet service provider, securing the company can be substantially more troublesome

But with the setting up of a firewall, the association between your employee and your server gets secured. The firewall blocks different clients and holds them back from hindering or getting access to the data being shared between your business and your employees.


A simple-to-use arrangement, Pfsense software conveys edge firewall, switch, and VPN usefulness to homes, organisations, and government offices — making networks more powerful and secure.


  • GeoIP blocking
  • Anti-spoofing
  • Time-based rules
  • Connection limits
  • NAT mapping


OPNsense is an open source, simple-to-utilise and simple-to-build hardened BSD based firewall and routing platform. It incorporates most of the components accessible in costly business firewalls, and more.

OPNsense offers week by week security upgrades with augmentations to respond to new threats. A decent pattern of two significant deliveries every year offers organisations the chance to plan updates ahead. For each significant delivery, a guide is set up for direct development and puts forward clear objectives.


  • Traffic shaper
  • Two-factor authentication throughout the system
  • Captive portal
  • Support for plugins
  • DNS server and DNS forwarder
  • DHCP server and relay
  • Dynamic DNS


Untangle NG firewall helps you control everything — from content purifying and Web storing, to remote admittance and strategy authorisation, all from one basic, natural, graphical interface. Applications review traffic at the same time and apply complex guidelines, speeding execution and throughput. NG Firewall empowers IT executives to see all that is going on in the organisation at Layer 7—the application level. It helps you filter risky content and focus on business-basic locales or applications. Across the board security is assured with this firewall.


  • WireGuard VPN
  • Threat prevention
  • Web filter
  • SSL inspector
  • Live support
  • Policy manager
  • Branding manager
  • WAN failover


Smoothwall firewall has the advantages of the Smoothwall filter as well. This firewall consolidates layer 7 application control with edge firewall and stateful bundle investigation to give functionality to the next-generation firewall. It is hostile to anti-malware protection, HTTPS investigation, proxy detection and impeding, and intrusion recognition and counteraction. With everything incorporated in one machine, you can secure your organisation against all dangers.


  • Bandwidth management
  • Link and load balancing
  • Source NAT
  • Intrusion detection and prevention


The Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a turnkey Linux security dispersion that can change any unsecure device into a unified threat management arrangement. Endian is intended to be the most straightforward security software to install, design and use!


  • Stateful firewall
  • Antivirus
  • Multi-WAN
  • Quality of service (QoS) The major benefits of using a firewall are that it monitors network traffic, stops virus attacks, prevents hacking, and promotes privacy. Now that you know the features of the best firewalls, you can choose one for your organisation, if you haven’t already done so.


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