GitHub Introduces Sponsor-Only Repositories


GitHub launches sponsors-only repositories which would be private and accessible only for sponsors. The new feature is expected to give developers more options for engaging with their sponsors.

Developers and organisations with GitHub Sponsors enabled will now be able to attach a private repository to each of their sponsorship tiers. This will grant respective funders early access to the projects. These invites will automatically be managed by GitHub. It will also provide a place to communicate and host discussions.

GitHub says it has added support for custom sponsorship amounts and the developer will have more control and can set a minimum custom amount for sponsorships. The company is also adding a new call to action to sponsor-enabled repositories to give more visibility to the program.

The feature also enables to append metadata to sponsor page URLs in order to see what brings new sponsors.

“Stay tuned for future work to improve the discovery experience on GitHub, making it easier for the community to explore dependencies and decide who to support, and helping maintainers who use Sponsors to grow their audience, community, and overall funding,” Jessica Lord, GitHub’s Sponsor Product lead wrote in a blog post.




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