Strapi Marketplace Extends Open Source Headless CMS Platform Adds New Feature


Strapi, backer of the world’s leading open source headless content management system (CMS), today launched Strapi Market, a marketplace of plugins and integrations, leveraging the company’s partner ecosystem to enable users to instantly add new features (Content Versioning, Comment Moderation, Sitemap, SEO, Video Management, and more) to their projects.

Now, users can easily take advantage of new features created for Strapi while securely accelerating their time to production. Strapi Market also enables both Technology and Solutions partners to showcase their Strapi integrations and customization expertise.

With more than 42,000 stars on GitHub, 700 active contributors, and more than 5 million downloads, Strapi is the fastest-growing open source Headless CMS. Strapi empowers developers to quickly build apps that enable collaboration and collective intelligence over the entire content lifecycle.

“Companies choose Strapi to future-proof their applications and to stay innovative and agile,” said Pierre Burgy, co-founder and CEO, Strapi. “With our marketplace, we can unlock a tremendous amount of value for the whole Strapi ecosystem while providing outstanding feature coverage that matches a broad range of use cases and industries.”

Strapi Market facilitates the rapid discovery of plugins and assures high quality levels for users. Building on the new plugin API and its Design System introduced in the latest version, Strapi is the first CMS to successfully deliver a consistent user experience to make third-party plugins look and feel like they are an integral part of the product.

From application monitoring to digital asset management and ecommerce, Strapi is collaborating with software vendors across different categories to migrate or create their plugins to the new Strapi v4.

“Video is increasingly becoming a critical piece of every online experience, even when video isn’t a company’s core product offering. The Mux plugin for Strapi enables developers to seamlessly create unique video experiences without worrying about becoming video engineering experts,” said Eric Elia, head of partnerships at Mux. “Partnering with Strapi enables us to provide even more developers, producers, and publishers with the power to integrate impactful video experiences into their content, and we’re looking forward to seeing the innovative ways Strapi users bring video to life.”

The Strapi marketplace is also an opportunity for Solution Partners to showcase their expertise through their plugins while sharing them with users to fulfill their needs, as well as attracting new users.

“Following the release of Strapi v4, we were able to quickly develop a versioning plugin as part of a customer project,” said Ondřej Janošík, CEO, Notum Technologies. “As part of the Strapi Market, we’re thrilled to share some of our Strapi expertise with the broader open source community.”

At the time of the launch, the Strapi Market notably includes plugins for content versioning, comment moderation, SEO, sitemap, video management and more. With dozens of additional plugins currently under review and 400+ Strapi plugin packages already published on Node Package Manager (NPM), the Strapi marketplace is the fastest growing on the Headless CMS market.


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