WTW Integrates Open Source Capabilities To Radar Software


Broker in reinsurance and insurance The latest version of WTW’s Radar program, which has a fully integrated Python capability, was released today. Insurers who use Radar will be able to integrate its pricing capabilities with other open source applications thanks to Python’s integration.

The latest version of Radar, according to WTW, improves functionality and user experience while also addressing security and governance problems that previously kept insurers from using open source software more widely.

Serhat Guven, Managing Director at WTW, said: “Integrating Python with Radar gives insurers fast and easy access to latest developments from the open source world in a reliable, low-risk and well-governed way, supported by more than 20 years of WTW software development experience and insurance expertise.”

“Radar technology has always led the market in its ability to develop and deploy complex rating algorithms with ease and at speed, supported by a transparent and sophisticated governance capability,” Guven added. “Seamlessly incorporating open source models, such as Python, represents the next step in Radar’s continued evolution and our ongoing commitment to deliver leading-edge pricing techniques that respond to changing market conditions and help insurers improve operational efficiency, speed to market and pricing accuracy.”


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