CodeSee Launches Open Source Hub


Open Source Hub has been launched by CodeSee, the code visibility platform that detects, visualises, and automates code understanding for a maintainable, resilient codebase (OSH). Through open source communities worldwide, OSH provides a place for developers of all skill levels to learn, contribute, explore, and connect.

Rather than being a community dedicated to highlighting projects for developers to work on, OSH, according to the company, provides developers with tools to onboard and fully understand all of the code in an open source project.

When working with open source code, this helps to simplify the process of contributing, collaborating, and making a meaningful impact. Along with a community Discord server, this open source community intends to bring together maintainers, contributors, projects, mentorship, support, and communication.

With OSH, developers can now visualise the impact of changes in the codebase by using CodeSee to create a visualisation of the codebase, as well as build personal profiles and portfolios that highlight their contribution and its impact.

Developers can also search for and start projects that meet their needs and interests, as well as access engaging content and programmes on a regular basis and participate in events such as livestreams, public stages, and hackathons.

“We need more developers learning from and contributing to open source so that all of our codebases are more maintainable and resilient. Every codebase is affected by open source so we need to help each other ramp up in these codebases quickly and support one another right now,” said Shanea Leven, co-founder and CEO at CodeSee. “Open Source Hub is more than a product or network, it is a movement. A movement for developers at all skill levels to come together, learn, collaborate, and contribute to and support open source with the code visibility tools and manpower it desperately needs.”


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