InfraCloud’s OSS Product BotKube Is Now Majority Owned By Kubeshop


The highly regarded Kubernetes ChatOps application BotKube has been bought by Kubeshop, an accelerator for open source entrepreneurs. InfraCloud’s BotKube is an open-source solution that assists with interactive debugging and monitors Kubernetes clusters. The B2B Open Source Cloud Native Computing firm InfraCloud Technologies has been developing products, services, and solutions to modernise infrastructure and applications with an emphasis on Kubernetes. As a result of its investments in creating cutting-edge Open Source solutions, InfraCloud has had a 4x increase in growth over the past two years.

In a statement, Vishal Biyani, CTO & Founder at InfraCloud, says, “This is a validation of InfraCloud’s strategy to build Open Source Products that help end-users with adopting Kubernetes.”

For developers working in the cloud native arena, Kubeshop is a Kubernetes acceleration building tool supported by Insight Partners and Ratmir Temashev. With this majority stake, BotKube will have access to resources including money, people, a network, and knowledge to expand its user base and community.

A lot of businesses have expedited their digital transformation initiatives, which has increased the use of containers for application deployment. As the Linux for the cloud, Google’s open source project Kubernetes is an orchestration framework that controls the lifecycle of containers. According to Gartner, 75% of organisations will be using containerized apps by the end of 2022, increasing the need for Kubernetes.

Girish Shilamkar, CEO & Founder at InfraCloud, adds, “The acquisition of BotKube further demonstrates our ability to build innovative and customer-centric products and services in the Kubernetes ecosystem to drive cloud adoption.”

Due to its extensive experience with Kubernetes and innovative culture, InfraCloud is well positioned to be a significant player in the Kubernetes ecosystem. The strategy and experience of InfraCloud in cloud-native technologies are demonstrated by this majority shareholding.


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