Adobe Commerce And Magento Open Source Users Gets The Bolt Quick Checkout


The ability to integrate the checkout process seamlessly allows Adobe Commerce retailers to increase conversion and revenue.

Today, Bolt, a business that develops checkout software, announced that Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source users can now use Quick Checkout. Users of Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source can speed up the checkout process for customers by adding mobile-friendly, passwordless checkout experiences with Quick Checkout. Solution integrators may now provide their ecommerce clients with a simple checkout option that requires no special coding and can be setup in under an hour.

“Adobe is known for helping businesses transform their commerce platforms,” said Mike Byrnes, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Bolt. “Now that Quick Checkout is available for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source users, more brands will be able to quickly implement streamlined checkout experiences so they can increase check out conversions and repeat purchases.”

“Today’s consumers expect personalized and seamless shopping experiences that cater to their individual preferences,” said Justin Merickel, Vice President of Partnerships at Adobe. “Quick Checkout makes it easy for merchants to offer shoppers a convenient and secure checkout experience where they can complete purchases in as little as one click.”

The Quick Checkout extension can be downloaded from Adobe’s Commerce Marketplace. more details can be found here


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