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A New Initiative To Assist Open Source And Internet Infrastructure Comes Into Being


The “by developers, for developers” company reiterates its dedication to providing support for the 100M+ developers who currently gain from open source development and innovation.

Fastly, Inc, a global edge cloud platform, today announced the rebranding of its pioneering Open Source and Nonprofit Program as “Fast Forward,” with a renewed emphasis on fostering community among the creators and upkeeprs of a faster, safer, and more inclusive internet. The declaration was made at Altitude, Fastly’s annual premier client event.

Fast Forward is a collection of comprehensive initiatives created to assist developers, nonprofits, and open source projects in their efforts to create amazing things with unrivalled simplicity, performance, and security. Fast Forward will provide free services to open source projects and the NGOs that sponsor them, extending Fastly’s strong commitment to open source. In order for these stakeholders to communicate with and learn from one another, as well as from the larger developer and open source community, Fast Forward will also create and support a community for them.

Fast Forward is a product of Fastly’s objective to make the internet a better place by ensuring that all interactions are quick, interesting, and secure. Fastly’s primary motivation is to contribute to an open, transparent, and cooperative industry in which everyone works together to increase and maintain interoperability, portability, and resilience. According to Fastly, businesses who conduct business on a worldwide scale have an obligation to share their knowledge of the standards, protocols, open source software, and policies that make up the open internet.

Fastly has a long history with open source and open standards, and Fast Forward is just one aspect of that history. Fastly, along with Red Hat, Mozilla, and Intel, founded the Bytecode Alliance; it collaborates with companies like Microsoft, Google, and Apple to develop Private Access Tokens; it also actively encourages its staff to participate in open source through programmes like Pushpin and WAF Efficacy. Additionally, Fastly has a well-established policy for its clientele, and it only collaborates with clients and partners who share those principles.

“Providing Fastly’s best in class services to open source projects and standards initiatives has the power to drive our shared mission of making the internet a better place, said Fastly CEO Todd Nightingale. “It’s important for us to support the organizations that fuel Internet innovation”

Members must freely publish their codebase and adhere to Fastly’s open source ideals, which are open, community focused, inclusive, favourable to new contributors, and founded on trust, in order to be eligible for free services through the Fast Forward Program. If approved, they pledge to impart information and materials to the wider Fast Forward community.



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