Open Source LineageOS 20 Gets A New Camera App In A New Update


One of the most popular custom ROMs for Android phones (and other devices) is LineageOS, which enables you to swap out the pre-installed software on your device for a programmable, open source replacement.

LineageOS 20 has now been released by the developers, and it includes a number of noteworthy enhancements. It is based on Android 13 to start. It also debuts a brand-new camera app. Thirdly, it’s difficult to rank the other modifications because there are so many of them.

People who want to instal LineageOS’ Android TV version now get an app launcher that is free of advertisements, among other things (like the one that Google uses by default). The Recorder app now enables high-quality stereo audio recordings, the image gallery and web browser have both seen upgrades and bug fixes, and the volume panel has been updated.

The LineageOS team has also implemented Google’s most recent security fixes (security updates are also available for older versions of the operating system going back as far as LineageOS 17.1).

The new camera app, Aperture, will be among the most obvious changes, though. With the release of LineageOS 19, the camera app that LineageOS had previously been using—a clone of Qualcomm’s camera app called Snap—was ditched in favour of Google’s default Android Open Source Project camera app, which isn’t very good.

In order to add support for advanced features, the team used Google’s CameraX software to create a new camera app. These new features include full control over optical and electronic image stabilisation, video frame rate controls, a leveller that checks the device’s orientation angle, and support for auxiliary cameras (although the latter feature may only be available on some devices because it’s up to the person responsible for maintaining LineageOS support for each device to enable it).


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