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As Per Adoptium Working Group, Open Source Java Could Gain Significant Growth


Interest in fully validated, free-to-use Java binaries like Eclipse Temurin has substantially increased as a result of breath-taking licence modifications made available to many Java users.

Today, the Adoptium Working Group and the Eclipse Foundation, one of the biggest open source software foundations in the world, announced major progress for the open source Java ecosystem on a worldwide scale. This impetus follows the introduction of new licencing pricing structures to the market. In some instances, businesses who previously paid tens of thousands of dollars now have to pay millions of dollars for Java access.

As a result, there has never been a larger need for high-quality, free Java. Around 12.3 million Java SE TCK certified and AQAvit quality verified Eclipse Temurin binaries were downloaded in February 2023, more than twice as many as were downloaded in the same month in the previous year, according to the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse Temurin has also replaced other popular cloud container images as the default Java choice for GitHub Actions. Millions of developers and significant Corporate users are turning to the Adoptium Marketplace for their open Java runtimes as the entire open source Java ecosystem continues to undergo a Renaissance. Moreover, Rivos, Bloomberg, and Google are among the new strategic and business members joining the Adoptium Working Group.

The Adoptium Working Group, which was established by numerous participants, including numerous Java vendors and developers like Alibaba Cloud, Azul, Huawei, IBM, iJUG, Microsoft, and Red Hat, offers the Java ecosystem with fully compatible, excellent distributions of Java based on OpenJDK source code. Joining the Working Group is a vital step for companies that rely on Java and want to secure an open, community-led future for this significant open source alternative. By doing so, they can take charge of their own technological future.

The initial AdoptOpenJDK mission, which was started in 2017 to address the general lack of an open, vendor-neutral, reproducible build and test system for OpenJDK across many platforms, is carried on by the Eclipse Adoptium project and the governing Adoptium Working Group. Adoptium is currently the largest supplier of high-quality OpenJDK-based binaries used by Java developers on mainframes, traditional servers, desktops, embedded systems, and desktops. This leadership position is expanded by the Adoptium Marketplace, which also makes it possible for more organisations to disseminate their binaries.

You can view the Charter and Participation Agreement or send us an email at membership@eclipse.org if your company is interested in joining the Adoptium Working Group. You can take part as a sponsor as well; those who are interested can view the Sponsorship Agreement. Membership and sponsorship both contribute to ensuring sustainability.

“In a macroeconomic climate where we are all forced to do more with less, options like Eclipse Temurin mean that businesses have choices for free-to-use quality Java runtimes without having to expend additional resources,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “With new members joining every month, the quality and consistency of the Adoptium Working Group’s output will only continue to grow to address that pressure.”



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