Data Connectors For Open Source Tamper-Proof Database Goes Live

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Data export to high-performance immudb with cryptographic verification is possible.

Immudb, today unveiled new connectors that enable forensic, legal, and auditing data stored in any other data store to be made tamper-proof. An example of such a data store is a PostgreSQL database. There was no simple way to do it prior until now.

Data can be extended to and kept inside immudb with guarantees against tampering while delivering excellent performance and complete query capabilities thanks to immudb connectors. Immudb offers cryptographic validation, which checks the accuracy of the data at each transaction.

After the company’s release of a connection in January, prominent Security Operations Center (SOC) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions like Splunk, Elastic, as well as IBM QRadar XDR and Microsoft Sentinel, have since begun to collect events and data.

Immudb was created using a zero-trust approach, which means that history is kept and cannot be altered. Data can never be changed; it can only be added. Immudb can be used for demanding applications that need great scalability, up to billions of transactions per day, and high availability in cluster configurations on-premises or in the cloud. Use of immudb in both new and existing applications is made simple by the support for both key-value and SQL. Immudb has almost infinite storage capacity thanks to support for Amazon’s S3 storage cloud. Organizations can go back and forth in time and view the changing history of their data with immudb’s Time Travel function.

Immudb can safeguard sensitive data for workloads that demand the highest level of data security. Immudb serves as the foundation for the software supply chain security product from Codenotary. Immudb has currently received more than 15 million downloads.

“Data stored in databases is vulnerable to tampering, but the immudb connectors change all of that so that it’s now possible to store data with trust – knowing its full history to guard against any intrusion,” said Dennis Zimmer, co-founder and chief technology officer, Codenotary, the primary contributor to the immudb project.


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