Yugabyte And SRA OSS Reveals A Strategic Partnership To Speed Up Database Modernization


In October 2021, Yugabyte formally launched its operations in Japan, where it has since accelerated its expansion.

The company’s go-to-market strategy calls for the selection of complementary regional strategic partners.

Yugabyte, a provider of open source distributed SQL databases, announced today that SRA OSS, LLC, a top Japanese PostgreSQL professional consulting firm, has become a strategic partner. Yugabyte and SRA OSS will work together to hasten the adoption of cloud-native transactional database technology for enterprise database modernization activities in Japan.

SRA OSS delivers a plethora of expertise in setting up and modernising PostgreSQL databases. The partnership between Yugabyte and SRA OSS was motivated by a growing market opportunity to share YugabyteDB’s enterprise-grade relational database capabilities, horizontal scalability, and cloud native resilience, as well as by SRA OSS’s desire and ambition to assist companies in making the most of database migration from legacy databases.

Both businesses believe that the market for cloud-native databases is expanding in the Japan region. They understand that efforts to implement enterprise digital transformation are at a standstill because monolithic databases are unable to handle the scalability and availability required by systems of engagement and systems of record. The businesses are also aware that SaaS providers are searching for relational databases that offer multi-tenancy and horizontal scalability as their business expands.

We are excited to expand our relationship in Japan with Yugabyte, a pioneer in distributed SQL databases, said Kaoru Inaba, President of SRA OSS. Monolithic relational databases present scalability and availability problems for the majority of businesses, hence we have great hopes for YugabyteDB to address these needs. Additionally, we anticipate that Yugabyte Voyager, YugabyteDB’s end-to-end database migration solution, will hasten our collaborative business.

As they fit well with the requirements of the biggest and most demanding transactional-driven enterprises in the region, which are eager to expedite their database modernization efforts, YugabyteDB is a perfect complement to SRA OSS’s existing technologies and services.

One of Yugabyte’s objectives for 2023 is to increase its geographic reach into significant new areas, which will support the company’s growth in Japan. In October 2021, Yugabyte successfully closed a $188 million Series C fundraising round, valuing the company at more than $1.3 billion.


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