Scrcpy 2.0, An Open Source Android Mirroring Application, Now Supports Audio


With the most recent update of scrcpy, you may at last record your Android devices in real-time with audio sent to your PC.

Scrcpy is a cross-platform, open-source mirroring programme for Android smartphones that connects through USB or TCP/IP and allows keyboard and mouse control of the linked devices. The best feature of using this software is that it doesn’t require root access on Android devices, doesn’t display adverts, and doesn’t gather data from you. Scrcpy 2.0, which includes a few new features, was recently released, according to principal developer Romain Vimont.

The introduction of real-time audio forwarding on Android 11+ devices is the main selling point of this edition. What is it? This new Scrcpy feature enables smooth audio streaming and recording from an Android handset that is connected to the host PC.

From the initial release of Scrcpy five years ago, it has been the most requested feature, and it is now available. The primary developer explored a lot and first created a solution called “USBaudio,” but it didn’t work all that well. Then he switched to a fresh prototype called “sndcpy,” an Android 10 API that allows users to record audio from an app. Unfortunately, that had a few inescapable problems that made it operate poorly.

Luckily, back in January a Scrcpy user, ‘yume-chan’ presented Romain with a proof-of-concept to collect device audio using shell permissions on Android with a viable workaround for Android 11.

Since then, Romain has been working hard to integrate the new feature into Scrcpy. It records audio using the ‘AudioRecord’ API on Android, which is low-latency friendly, encodes the recorded audio using the ‘MediaCodec’ API, and outputs the audio with a very low latency using a new ‘Audio Player component’. A “demuxer” also divides the audio and visual streams into packets. If you’re interested in the technical details, Romain also provided a useful client architecture flow-chart that shows how the video and audio streams are handled on Scrcpy 2.0.


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