Aruba Works With Microsoft And ReelyActive To Hasten IoT Workload Migration


ReelyActiveTM Pareto Everywhere for Azure and Aruba is a new product. Native Azure Apps Can Now Accept BLE, EnOcean, and Other IoT Data Streamed from Aruba Wi-Fi Access Points Thanks to IoT Transport for Azure.

A new open source data converter for Microsoft Azure has been released by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise subsidiary (NYSE: HPE), and reelyActive. It enables Microsoft Power BI and other Azure apps to utilise IoT device data that is securely transmitted from Aruba Wi-Fi access points (APs). ReelyActive’s Pareto Anywhere for Azure open-source converter, when used in conjunction with Aruba’s IoT Transport for Microsoft Azure, reformats data and units of measurement like temperature and power to be compatible with Azure applications without custom engineering, significantly reducing the cost and time needed using traditional integration techniques.

Custom engineering may take months to complete in order to integrate data from legacy IoT devices with IoT cloud services. It is expensive to replace or retrofit legacy devices with new cloud-native software since there are numerous IoT protocols and incompatible physical layers to deal with. This is due to the necessity to securely stream and terminate data from IoT devices that are not IP-based in a format that is suitable for usage with Azure IoT applications, a process that can call for a costly gateway. All IoT payloads must be separately prepared for use by Azure IoT apps after being received at the Azure IoT Hub. The process recurs if a different IoT protocol has to be supported in the future. The integration process might take months, and the economics can be difficult due to the price, complexity, and security susceptibility of hardware gateways.

These problems have been addressed by Aruba, Microsoft, and reelyActive. In order to meet IT mobility requirements and serve as IoT gateways, Aruba incorporated IoT radios to its Wi-Fi APs. Next, Aruba and Microsoft created the Aruba IoT Transport for Azure, which, when enabled by Aruba Central cloud management, will encrypt data from IoT devices coming from Aruba Wi-Fi APs into a format that is compatible with the Azure IoT Hub, namely a base64 string enclosed in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

ReelyActive’s brand-new Pareto Anywhere for Azure open source converter swiftly and effectively decodes the base64 strings, including units of measurement, to finish the migration. To make the data seen by apps understandable, consistent streams of readily consumable data in recognisable units of measurement, Pareto Anywhere for Azure abstracts the original data format. The abstraction function of the converter enables users to deploy hybrid Internet of Things (IoT) systems made up of various IoT device types and protocols because all data, regardless of origin, appear in a uniform format.

Customers who wish to rapidly, conveniently, and affordably transfer workloads to Azure can choose Pareto Anywhere for Azure and IoT Transport for Azure, which are both designed for usage by resellers, system integrators, and end users. The solution is not constrained to a single application or region, but rather is horizontally applicable across a wide range of use cases and vertical markets. Pareto Anywhere for Azure is open-source software, which means reseller and client engineers can expand its capabilities by incorporating additional device types.


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