Sysdig Launches New Wireshark Foundation To Promote Open Source Innovation 


In order to solve the security concerns of contemporary cloud applications, Sysdig was established as an open source business, and the Sysdig platform was developed on an open source foundation.

The pioneer in unified cloud and container security Sysdig Inc. today unveiled a new foundation that will look after the Wireshark open source project in the long run. A traffic protocol analyzer called Wireshark has received more than 2,000 contributions and more than 60 million downloads in the previous five years. The current corporate sponsor of Wireshark, Sysdig, encouraged the foundation’s formation. The organisation will house the Wireshark source code and materials in addition to SharkFest, the developer and user conference.

Gerald Combs, Director of Open Source Initiatives at Sysdig, initially built Ethereal, the forerunner to Wireshark, in 1998. Wireshark was introduced in 2006 by Gerald and Loris Degioanni, the CTO and Founder of Sysdig. Teams can monitor network traffic, understand the fundamentals of protocols and packets, and diagnose network issues with the help of the open source GUI network package capture tool Wireshark. The de facto method for evaluating packet-level security and health is Wireshark. Packet captures are made by Wireshark and saved for subsequent viewing. Teams can sort through the traffic to locate an incident’s evidence.

An open governance structure that promotes participation and technical contribution will be used by the Wireshark Foundation. The foundation will offer a framework for the sustainability and long-term stewardship of the projects it oversees. Sheri Najafi is the foundation’s inaugural executive director, and its board of directors also includes Loris Degioanni, Janice Spampinato, Hansang Bae, Sheri Najafi, and Gerald Combs. Also, SharkFest will be managed by the charity. SharkFest offers a special platform for knowledge exchange between industry professionals and the developer and user groups.

The ever-growing variety of attack methods cannot be thwarted solely by proprietary solutions. As Wireshark has successfully proved over the course of its 25-year history, open source is the only strategy with the flexibility and reach to provide the conditions necessary to address contemporary security problems. According to Sysdig, teamwork that includes a wider range of use cases, knowledge, and inspection would ultimately result in more secure software.

Sysdig developed the open source Sysdig and Falco projects to take advantage of deep visibility as a security foundation. For threat detection and incident response in container and cloud environments, several initiatives have evolved into standards. Falco, which Sysdig donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in 2018, has received more than 50 million downloads and is currently a hosted project at the incubation level. In addition to technologies developed by Sysdig, open source tools like OPA, Prometheus, and eBPF are used to power Sysdig.


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