Aiven Introduces Free PostgreSQL, MySQL, And Redis Plans


The introduction of free plans and a community forum demonstrates the company’s dedication to the open source community and its aim to democratising open source technologies.

The free plans for the open source database services Aiven for PostgreSQL®, Aiven for MySQL®, and Aiven for Redis® have been launched, according to the open source cloud data platform Aiven. Anyone can get these free plans with technical assistance from a recently opened community forum.

Everyone can now utilise the Aiven platform without any obligations or additional fees thanks to the company’s new free options. The advanced Aiven platform capabilities are all included in the free plans. These consist of daily backups, integration with Terraform, and dedicated instances, among others. Aiven free plans can be smoothly, safely, and automatically upgraded to more extensive paying plans as needed once they have been started.

The new Aiven Community Forum, which debuts alongside the new plans, provides technical help for Aiven’s free plans. Developers can communicate and work together on the programmes and services they are creating using open source data technologies in the Aiven Community Forum. The Aiven team, or Crabs as we like to call them, and other community members are available for developers to ask questions of, receive support from, and share what they are developing.

“By making our portfolio of open source tools that our customers love accessible to all, we’re enabling the next generation of developers to begin learning and expanding their skill set without having to endure the traditionally high costs,” said Oskari Saarenmaa, Co-Founder and CEO of Aiven. “Providing access to these free plans is another step in realizing Aiven’s vision of democratizing open source technologies, making them available to everyone and reinforcing our commitment to the open source community.”


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