Open Source NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails Works To Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) “Hallucination”


The new open source software from NVIDIA is meant to guard against AI making mistakes and stating false information.

The polarising nature of artificial technology has been exacerbated by the continued financial and resource investments in it by the greatest corporations in the world. One of the numerous issues with AI is the possibility of incorrect information spreading and the overall security threat it poses. NVIDIA has always been in favour of AI, and the company has just unveiled NeMo Guardrails, new open-source software that addresses some of the most pressing problems with current AI systems.

NeMo Guardrails was revealed by NVIDIA today in a news article on its website. Guardrails has been divided by NVIDIA into three main categories: Topical, Topical Security, and Topical Safety. AI won’t give users false information because of safety guardrails. Most notoriously, during a demo in February, Microsoft’s Bing AI famously answered a question incorrectly, adding to the already existing ambiguity surrounding AI technology.

Security Guardrails will “restrict apps to making connections to only external third-party applications known to be safe,” according to NVIDIA. Finally, Topical Guardrails will prevent an AI from responding to queries unrelated to its service. An AI employed in customer service is used as an example and is shown to ignore inquiries concerning the weather. Before the ChatGPT boom lit a fire under the butts of the top firms in the world, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang was a longtime advocate of AI. The technology, he claimed in February, was at a “inflection point.” Additionally, NVIDIA has incorporated AI into some of its own goods and services, like DLSS and NVIDIA Broadcast.

It will be intriguing to see how the technology is incorporated into AI services with the arrival of NVIDIA’s NeMo Guardrails. We’re also interested to see what other AI-related software or solutions NVIDIA might release in the future. Shacknews provides all the information you require on AI and how it is used in the tech and gaming industries.


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