Microsoft Kills WinRAR With Open Source By Integrating native.rar Functionality Into Windows 11


Microsoft is getting ready to release an interesting upgrade for Windows 11 that will enable native support for more archive types.

A future upgrade to Windows 11 will incorporate the libarchive open source project into the operating system in an effort to improve compressing capabilities. Users will now experience better performance while working with well-known archive formats including tar, 7-zip, rar, gz, and more thanks to this upgrade.

Particularly significant is Windows 11’s inclusion of.rar support. The widely used RAR archive format is renowned for its effective compression techniques. Windows 11 does not require users to install additional extraction tools or applications created especially for this format because it has inherent support for the.rar file type. Users may handle their files with ease in the Windows 11 environment thanks to this update’s streamlined processes and increased comfort.

Microsoft’s choice to incorporate the open-source libarchive project exemplifies their dedication to innovation and teamwork. The developer community’s knowledge and contributions enable Windows 11 to take use of a tried-and-true solution. This integration broadens the range of supported archive formats and guarantees Windows 11 compatibility.

The decision of the Windows-maker to enable native support for more archive formats demonstrates its commitment to user feedback and keeping up with developing technologies. Given the significance of archive capability in routine computing operations, Microsoft wants Windows 11 to offer a complete and smooth user experience. Microsoft’s dedication to satisfying customer needs and increasing the functionality of its operating system is demonstrated by this release.

Naturally, not everyone will approve of this choice. As customers no longer require such programmes, developers of third-party commercial solutions, like the well-known WinRAR, are anticipated to experience a sharp decline in revenue. I guess this is life. So be it. The upgrade should soon be available in a Windows 11 Insider build, with a wider deployment to follow.


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