NetApp Launches Spot Ocean CD, Revolutionising Kubernetes Delivery

NetApp Kubernetes

NetApp introduces Spot Ocean CD, a game-changing continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes, revolutionising application deployment with automation, optimisation, and enhanced control for DevOps teams.

NetApp, a leading provider of cloud data services, has recently introduced Spot Ocean CD, a groundbreaking continuous delivery solution designed specifically for Kubernetes. This innovative offering complements and extends the capabilities of Spot Ocean, a platform that optimises the delivery of cloud applications by automating deployment strategies across clusters and workloads.

Integrating Spot Ocean and Ocean CD represents a significant step forward in NetApp’s efforts to enhance Kubernetes automation and optimisation solutions. By extending these capabilities to application delivery, NetApp aims to reduce complexity and alleviate the burdens faced by DevOps teams. The goal is to establish a seamless connection between how applications are delivered and how they operate in production, ultimately providing greater agility, reliability, and efficiency.

Ocean CD brings automation and optimisation to the forefront of the delivery process, offering unparalleled control over Kubernetes deployments without compromising reliability, security, or efficiency. DevOps teams can now effortlessly establish and maintain deployment strategies across multiple clusters and workloads. Moreover, developers gain the ability to identify and prevent potential incidents in their early stages, thus avoiding inefficiencies and costly failures.

The continuous delivery capabilities of Ocean CD enable teams to transition from a basic software release process to a more gradual deployment process supported by proven strategies. Ocean CD effectively limits the risks associated with software changes by employing gradual releases, continuous real-time verification, automatic rollback mechanisms, and granular visibility for service owners.

NetApp’s Spot by NetApp portfolio, which includes Ocean CD and Spot Ocean, offers organizations the means to optimize and scale their deployment and operational workflows for cloud-native applications. This comprehensive suite of solutions simplifies and enhances the application delivery and operations pipeline.

Haiyan Song, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CloudOps at NetApp, emphasised the importance of rapid and reliable application delivery for organisations. He stated, “Spot Ocean CD extends our automation and optimization to application delivery, enabling DevOps teams to simplify, standardise, and automate the complex Kubernetes software delivery process across any cloud and Kubernetes cluster.”

The introduction of Ocean CD has been met with enthusiasm by industry professionals. Matthieu Antoine, Senior Staff System Engineer at JUMO, praised the solution for removing bottlenecks and automating critical processes. He emphasized how Ocean CD enables developers to allocate less time to deployment tasks, reduces production errors, and improves the orchestration of complex processes such as Kubernetes cluster migrations.

NetApp’s Spot Ocean CD allows organisations to streamline their Kubernetes deployments and drive innovation. Its advanced automation and optimisation capabilities promise to revolutionise how cloud applications are delivered, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.


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