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Ambiq Introduces Open Source AI Tool for Crystal-Clear IoT Speech Capture


Ambiq Micro Inc. introduces Neural Network Speech Enhancer, enabling impeccable speech recording amidst noise.

Ambiq Micro Inc. has taken a substantial leap in bolstering Internet of Things (IoT) applications with its latest offering: the Neural Network Speech Enhancer. This open-source AI model is set to redefine speech capture in even the noisiest IoT environments.

Known for its expertise in low-power chips, Ambiq extends its reach with tools for crafting AI models for edge devices like wearables and fitness trackers. These tools, housed in Ambiq’s neuralSPOT Model Zoo, empower developers to create custom AI models for low-power devices, eliminating the need for cloud connectivity.

At the forefront of this toolkit, the Neural Network Speech Enhancer emerges as a game-changer. Available on GitHub, this optimized model excels in real-time noise reduction, ensuring clear voice capture on mobile devices amid bustling surroundings.

Coupled with scripts and tools, Ambiq’s model integrates speech de-noising into applications seamlessly. Its user-friendly interface enables recording and preservation of enhanced speech and original audio, highlighting its potential.

Practical applications abound, from noisy vehicle cabins to factory floors and construction sites. The Neural Network Speech Enhancer excels in capturing crisp voice recordings for voice memos, chats, and recognition, with minimal latency on low-power devices.

Designed for ease, the software integrates into Ambiq’s development platform and adapts for various environments. Operating under a permissive BSD-3-clause license, accessibility and collaboration take center stage.

Carlos Morales, VP of AI at Ambiq, notes the innovation as a potential open-source AI speech de-noising implementation for IoT devices. With a growing need for AI at the edge of corporate networks, Ambiq bridges the gap by integrating AI into microprocessors, ensuring seamless local performance.

Ambiq’s Neural Network Speech Enhancer stands as a testament to AI’s transformative power in IoT. As edge computing flourishes, it promises impeccable voice capture in challenging acoustics, reshaping technological boundaries.



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