OpenText And Google Cloud Intensify AI Collaboration

Google Cloud

Diving deep into the AI realm, OpenText amplifies its partnership with Google Cloud, paving the way for innovative integrations. From transforming customer experiences to reshaping software delivery, discover how businesses stand to benefit from this synergised alliance.

OpenText has unveiled a broader collaboration with Google Cloud, aiming to harness the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to offer powerful integrations. This alliance will empower businesses to leverage their data on Google Cloud to gain a competitive edge. The joint effort in crafting information management solutions combined with the prowess of Cloud’s AI will streamline the process for organisations, regardless of their size, to derive insights rapidly, elevate productivity, and revolutionise customer experiences. 

Generative AI is a transformative tool for major corporations, redefining routine and intricate business operations to generate substantial value. The company has introduced, employing Google Cloud Vertex AI and the Palm2 large language model (LLM) to address these specific scenarios.

  • Transform Customer and Employee Support Experience: Automate basic customer service and corporate functions (IT, HR, Procurement, etc.) using conversational assistants.
  • Accelerate Omni-Channel Communications at Scale: Improve how marketing, support, and service departments interact with customers at scale using personalised, auto-generated content from private data.
  • Deliver Software Applications Effectively: Accelerate software development using LLMs to forecast product delivery, pinpoint risks and gaps, and produce advanced test scenarios with AI-driven test cases, ensuring exceptional software quality with unmatched speed.
  • Simplify Sales Enablement: Speed up onboarding new sales reps using a conversational assistant backed by LLM to source and provide pertinent product training.

“Information drives business decisions, and AI paves the way for informed actions. We’re witnessing the convergence of AI and information, catalyzing smarter business operations and growth,” stated Muhi Majzoub, OpenText’s Chief Product Officer. They’re leaders in cutting-edge co-innovation. With business clouds, trusted data, and Google Cloud tech, they’re poised to guide clients through their AI journey. Their alliance with Google Cloud allows them to bring their expertise to vital sectors like healthcare, finance, climate, and government.

The enhancements will feature:

  • Generative AI solutions: Pioneering use cases with Vertex AI across R&D, application delivery, business assistance, sales & marketing, and beyond. 
  • OpenText Core meets Google Workspace: Unified collaboration and content management combined with Google Cloud’s Vertex AI-driven insights for a flawless digital employee journey.
  • Speeding up the transition to the cloud for mainframe infrastructure customers using tools like Google Cloud Dual Run.

 This partnership brings together industry leaders to leverage generative AI for efficient software delivery. Generative AI aims to transform industries, helping businesses maximise data value and improve team collaboration. The company’s upgraded offerings will expedite customers’ cloud migration, transitioning core workloads to their platform and facilitating the uptake of their data analytics and AI tools.

With the solution, employees can effortlessly access and edit documents for processes like HR’s hire-to-retire or finance’s procure-to-pay across platforms. Chat assistants facilitate quick multilingual searches. LLMs and generative AI speed up documentation access, enhancing productivity. Their strengthened partnership improves information flow and collaboration, boosting workforce efficiency. They work together to help clients transition from mainframes with Google Cloud’s dual run, simplifying the move of critical applications to the cloud, and reducing migration risks.


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