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Paxo – Open Source Mobile Phone Utilizes ESP32 Microcontroller for Affordable Innovation


As Paxo reshapes the DIY electronics scene, it’s clear: innovation thrives in simplicity. Are we witnessing the dawn of a new era in custom tech?

In a groundbreaking stride toward DIY electronics, developer Gabriel Rochet introduces the ‘Paxo’ – an open source mobile phone that challenges conventional smartphone design. Unlike high-end chips, Paxo ingeniously employs the budget-friendly ESP32 microcontroller as its foundation, signalling a transformative shift in customisable handheld devices.

Rochet’s Paxo phone, now in its fourth iteration, signifies a departure from the norm. While the main website’s language barriers might pose a hurdle, a comprehensive description of Paxo’s capabilities and software resides in an accessible GitHub repository.

The device boasts an elegantly minimalist hardware setup – a resistive touch screen, efficient power management, the ESP32 core, and a GSM module for basic connectivity. While the incorporation of 2G connectivity might not cater to high-speed data demands, it aligns with the project’s dedication to delivering essential mobile phone functionality.

Drawing parallels with earlier electronic badges such as the 2018 EMF badge and the 2022 MCH badge, Paxo embodies their promises. It seamlessly amalgamates functionalities into a single device.

Paxo is more than a gadget; it’s an inspiration. Rochet’s project holds potential to revolutionise electronics, inspiring a new wave of tech enthusiasts to create and explore. Beyond glossy user interfaces, the Paxo phone invites individuals to comprehend mobile technology intricacies.

As the open source Paxo project gains traction, it symbolises empowerment and ingenuity, illuminating a path for revolutionary projects. Rochet’s pioneering spirit will likely fuel creativity, empowering individuals to navigate uncharted territories of mobile communication.

At a time of collaborative innovation, Paxo sparks a wave of curiosity that could reshape DIY electronics. Rochet’s phone is a harbinger of further transformative endeavours in the ever-evolving tech landscape.



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