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VNClagoon 2.0 Revolutionizes Collaboration Software For Enterprises


A versatile software stack for teamwork and communication, revolutionising collaboration with modular design, seamless integration, and tailored partner packages. 

VNC has unveiled VNClagoon 2.0, an iteration of its modular software stack tailored for enhanced communication and collaboration. This release heralds a new era in enterprise software, focusing on scalability and flexibility, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. It is engineered to meet the demands of large-scale deployments in distributed environments, catering specifically to the needs of major enterprises and organisations. This highly scalable application significantly reduces rollout and deployment times by leveraging Kubernetes-driven microservices and micro-modules. The backend optimisation ensures seamless operation in complex setups.

It has the native integration of all functional modules in the front end. This innovation allows businesses to create customised workspaces for individual employees, teams, departments, or entire organisations, harnessing the power of the fluid principle. Modules and dashlets can be combined and rearranged as needed, giving users unparalleled flexibility. It maintains its flexible deployment options. Users can choose to deploy the suite on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid architectures, ensuring adaptability to their unique IT infrastructure and security needs.

Recognising the importance of partnerships, it introduces tailored partner packages. These packages are designed to serve the diverse needs of partners in the indirect sales channel. They range from VNCbasic (P1), ideal for start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), municipalities, and local authorities, to VNCprofessional (P5), which caters to large enterprises and federal and state authorities. Moreover, VNCcharity (P0) offers a cost-effective solution for non-profit organisations. Partners can also leverage the white-labelling feature to customise VNClagoon 2.0 to their branding or clients’ corporate identity.

Andrea Wörrlein, Managing Director of VNC in Berlin and a board member of VNC AG in Zug, emphasised, “VNClagoon 2.0 is suitable for virtually all sizes of companies and public authorities, from start-ups to large corporations, thanks to its modular design, infinite combination options, easy deployment, flexible provisioning, and end-to-end interoperability of modules and dashlets.”

The company claims that it represents a significant step forward in the realm of collaboration and communication software. Its adaptability, scalability, and partnership-focused approach make it a robust solution for organisations of all sizes, setting a new industry standard for collaboration tools.



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