Bi With Expanded Databases, File Operations And Visualizations


Helical Insight is set to release its open-source BI product, version 5.2 ( GA), in May 2024, This update introduces several new features and enhancements compared to version 5.1.

The new version 5.2 adds support for six additional databases: SAP HANA, CelerData, CockroachDB, DuckDB, Firebird SQL, and Yugabyte. The new import-export utility allows users to transfer files between servers, supporting the transfer of specific folders or entire file browsers. Similar to Windows operations, users can now cut, copy, and paste resources within the Helical Insight file browser. A recycle bin feature enables admins to recover or permanently delete resources like data sources, reports, dashboards, folders, and users, also allowing for ownership level changes. Version 5.2 introduces a Visualization Framework (VF) that integrates external JS visualizations such as AntD charts and muzeJS charts, enhancing the flexibility of visualizations within Helical Insight.

It now includes map support with Mapbox, featuring drill down, drill through, exporting, inter-panel communication, and various customization options like color and size adjustments. Additional customization options include combine chart for multiple measures sharing the same axis in a grid chart, crosstab with collapse/expand functionality, smooth line chart option, enhancements in relative date filtering, and a horizontal scrollbar option in the table property for better visibility of columns. A new grid table visualization, similar to crosstab or pivot view, supports drill down, drill through, exporting, inter-panel communication, and various customization options.

The future roadmap includes integrating Generative AI for advanced ad-hoc analytics through a chat interface, re-introducing canned report modules for pixel-perfect multi-page reports, migrating to higher LTS versions of Java and Tomcat, and continuing support for additional data sources, new charts, and customization options. Additionally, there will be in-memory (akin extract) and cubes support, advanced statistical and scientific algorithms, UI-driven workflow methods, and data pipelines. These updates aim to enhance the functionality and user experience of the socftware.


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