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Popular Open Source IDEs for Developers

It is feasible to develop apps without using integrated development environments (IDEs) or by manually integrating numerous utilities with a lightweight text editor such...

Why we should integrate Couchbase Lite with Android Studio

Couchbase Lite is an embedded NoSQL database for mobile devices that runs locally on the device with full CRUD and query capabilities. In this...

Google brings extensive Java 8 support to Android Studio

  To make mobile apps smarter, Google has planned a major update to its Android Studio. The search giant has announced Android Studio 2.4 Preview...

Android Studio 2.3 can instantly reflect changes in your apps

Google has upgraded Android Studio to version 2.3. The latest release is designed to make it easy for developers to build new Android apps. "We...

Google ends support, development for Eclipse Android Developer Tools

Google has finally departed the traditional way to develop apps for its open source platform by ending support and development for the Eclipse Android...

Ubuntu Make 16.05 released with updated Android Studio

Ubuntu Make 16.05 emerges as the new version of the open source CLI tool that enables Android developments on Ubuntu platform. Days after the arrival...