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Encoding And Decoding In Python For Managing Data

Encoding and decoding help transform images, videos, graphics and text into the binary format that computers understand. Python has built-in functions and modules to...

Try These Unusual Unicode Tricks

Much thought from the finest brains all over the world has gone into the making of Unicode. Its main purpose is to serve all...

Device Drivers, Part 9: Input/Output Control in Linux

This article, which is part of the series on Linux device drivers, talks about the typical ioctl() implementation and usage in Linux. "Get me a...

Sed Explained, Part 1

UNIX-like operating systems have numerous powerful utilities accessible via the command-line and shell-scripting, which are flexible enough to operate in a variety of problematic...

Plotting is Fun with GNUPlot

This article explores the use of GNUPlot for scientific plotting, along with examples. While strings and pages of data seem cryptic, a plot reveals the...

Cryptography and Steganography with Python

Steganography and cryptography have been widely used to hide sensitive information. This article offers a brief introduction to how both these methods can be...