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Developing an Angular Application Using Redux for State Management

This article explains the development of an Angular application, using Redux for state management, interfacing with the Express framework for data and using Angular...

Profanity: The Command Line Instant Messenger

Profanity is a text based instant messaging application which uses Command line Interface (CLI), which beats many GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications of a...

Vdbench: A Storage Benchmarking Tool

Considered one of the most versatile of benchmarks, Vdbench can be used as a GUI tool or a CLI tool. It is highly portable...

Open Source Access to MS Exchange Server Using DavMail

  This article introduces DavMail and demonstrates its importance in corporate scenarios for accessing mail from MS Exchange Server. Many enterprises use Microsoft Exchange for corporate...

Deploying a Ticket Request System with OTRS

  In the current business scenario, customer management plays a major role in the success or failure of a company. Tracking issues and giving clients...

Android Application Development: CLI Tools

This article on Android application development introduces you to the command line utilities that come packaged with the Android SDK, all of which are...

Fast, Efficient and Reliable Pattern Scanning and Processing with Awk

Introducing Awk, a language that has built-in features to recognise patterns and manipulate them with ease.

Lynx: Old, But Still Fresh

A CLI-based browser? Whatever for? Are you still in the early 90s? You may pose all these questions, but the truth is that Lynx, a CLI-based browser, is the favourite of many.

Crazy Commands

Let's have some fun with commands.