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Microsoft and its Relationship with Open Source

Microsoft and its evolving relationship with the open source paradigm is a good case study into how breakthrough technologies can revolutionise an industry, and...

Open Source SDK from Tap Systems

Tap Systems, Inc. have released a developer software developer kit (SDK). The released SDK enables developers to design applications that incorporate and/or include the...

Tapping New Talent in the FOSS Domain!

Industry experts share their views on what's holding back raw IT talent from exploring the world of FOSS and what could be done to...

The Connect Between Cloud Computing and Android Apps

Android, a Linux-based operating system whose code was released by Google under the Apache licence, is used primarily in touchscreen devices. It has a...

Custom ROMs for Android: CyanogenMod and More

  Wondering what's the next step after rooting your Android phone? Read on to know all about beefing up your phone with custom ROMs for...