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Why the Apache Mahout Framework is So Popular

The world we are living in today is one of information and data overload. The processing of this data can only be handled efficiently...

Java 10 has Arrived! Check Out the New Features

Java 10 was released just over a few months ago and experts are still analysing its salient features. It has come out on schedule,...

Getting Started with Rust, the Friendly Systems Programming Language

From Mozilla Research comes this safe, concurrent, practical systems programming language called Rust. It has been ranked the ‘Most loved programming language’ in the...

An Instant Guide to the Shorewall Firewall

Firewalls have gained importance due to the increasing number of malicious attacks on networks and computers. Shorewall, a powerful offering from the Linux world,...

Nagios: A Modular Monitoring Tool for Infrastructure and Networks

If you are looking for an enterprise-class open source network, application and server monitoring tool, there is no better option than Nagios. This article...

What’s New in Java 9?

After a couple of delays, Java 9 is finally here. Three years after Java 8, it comes with some of the biggest changes to...