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Stepping into the world of Linux Containers (LXC)

Containers are the future when it comes to using and shipping applications. But Linux containers or LXC can be used for more than just...

Everything you need to know about Linux containers

Linux containers is an operating system level virtualisation method that is used to run multiple, isolated Linux systems on a control host with just...

Microsoft plans a Linux-friendly future for its server platforms

Microsoft is updating its Nano Server to serve the container space with a Linux-friendly experience. Alongside supporting proprietary solutions, the Redmond company is set...

Google uses Linux containers to run your Android apps on Chrome...

At the I/O conference last week, Google pleased thousands of developers with announcing the much-anticipated support to run Android apps on Chrome OS. This...

LXCOS: Unleashing the Power of LXC to Build PaaS Solutions

  LXC or Linux Containers is virtualisation at the operating system level, which can be used to run multiple isolated containers or Linux systems on...

Containing Linux Instances with OpenVZ

Understanding the OpenVZ way of virtualisation and getting started with it.